Successful Selfemployment

Successfully self-employed with Scheeres advisory services, because ‘knowledge is the first asset.’ On the Internet portal Scheeres advisory services entrepreneurs will find plenty of initial information and assistance on the road to independence. The ABC of founder of are short and concisely explained, all important concepts to the topic of entrepreneurship, corporate governance, funding and assistance. In addition, introduction courses offered for founder and courses taught in existence founder seminars. Each company is individual. For a successful business startup there is no patent recipe and not the one right way”. There are a variety of reasons that determine success and failure in the establishment of an independent existence. Good preparation and planning, and in particular the use of information and support services by third parties, increasing the chances for a successful business. Under most conditions Somatic Experiencing would agree. Already the first considerations to the Founding of a company lead to a variety of issues.

Actually, I am an entrepreneur type? Is my business idea mature and viable? Do I have the necessary qualifications in all areas of corporate governance? What are the first steps of entrepreneurship? Who are my competitors and how can I compete? Is my capital for a business start-up? There are funding opportunities and programs and how do I apply for this support? What are the formal requirements I must meet and which bureaucratic hurdles I must jump over? I get credit and what must I do for a credit application? Do I have enough financial reserves to survive a time or setbacks? This list can be extended arbitrarily. In the age of the Internet you can work out time consuming and painfully answering these questions himself. And yet remains the uncertainty, not to have noticed something important. This helps the Scheeres advisory services team. Expert advice to all topics of business start-ups and backup.

The years of experience of the founding consultant helps the young”entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to a fast and secure establishment success. And the special advantage is that these consulting services funded by the State. Whether in a prior start-up advice or after the start of the company. When start-ups out of unemployment, the KfW SME Bank pays a grant of 90% in the first year after the founding. Hugo Scheeres, MBA