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For almost all incidents, the relationship between man and elephant is based on a system of unprotected, so-called direct contact”. This conventional attitude system used today in 22 of the 27 German zoos with elephants, handled the animals in the wild elephant in the Asian tradition as a pet. Accidents”often are nothing more than boss around a desire by elephants who fed up with it, by the people. What however rarely comes to the language: for the good care of the elephant, this is not required at all! Because there is an alternative: protected contact! Human and animal like at all other dangerous wild animals in the Zoo are always spatially separated in the protected contact”. Reward based, elephants are taught to be maintained through a grille. There is no punishment. Learn more on the subject from Nancy-Ann_DeParle.

At the same time, this method ensures high quality of care and safety of the keepers. Experiences in many zoos to prove that this works great, even if just the nurses often resist the unfamiliar system. Protected contact”can also practiced in old elephant houses However, will require the reconstruction of the gates. Europe-wide, 70% of all zoos with elephant husbandry practice already”protected contact. In August 2011, the North American Zoo Association AZA”announced that all Member zoos as quickly as possible to get to that elephant management accordingly, to ensure the safety of the keepers.

However, most German zoos maintain the myth of the gentle giants prefer’, rather than to draw conclusions from the fact that elephants are dangerous wild animals. This is protected contact”already practised in all German zoos, which keep an adult elephant bulls, but only for the bulls! That elephant cows and bull calves from the age of 2 years can be just as dangerous as adult elephant bulls, in the scientifically derived “German zoos hardly anyone believed. 80% of all accidents with Zoo elephant by elephant cows caused about it. In the face of horrendous accidents and even the youngest Incidents, no one can argue but the deadly threat to elephant keepers daily beta, is unpredictable. When experienced nurses could assess whether or when a seemingly good-natured elephant is dangerous, there are the three serious accidents 2010-2011 not! It represents an irresponsible violation of the duty of care, Zoo Directors still ignore this risk, and fail to create safe working conditions for their employees. “This negligence in dealing with health and life by elephant keepers conditionally but, that in the event of an accident” is not only a tragic event, but in addition to the damages of the victims are also crimes in the area: negligent homicide and negligent assault. Therefore the Club elephant protection calls on Europe the Zoo, protected contact’ for all their elephants for elephant cows to apply”, as Jurgen Schilfarth and OLAF Toffels by the Board of Directors of the Association. More Information from: elephant protection Europe Business Association Office: Beate Haufellner on Mt. Kogler 7, 82031 Grunwald Tel.: 089-6412091 Jurgen Schilfarth, 1 Chairman OLAF Toffels, stv. Chairman