The Staff

By the way, the appropriate personnel to the solarium – a big plus of this business. Beautiful tanned girl not only tell a lot of interesting and useful information about the process of tanning, or pick up an individual program for your skin type, but will also sort of a walking advertisement, showing a lovely result of the artificial sun. True, such a 'publicity stunt' additional costs – employees need to pay at least $ 400 a month. In principle, the first stage can be done without additional labor. For example, girls from the 'Sole' just hired an administrator, accountant, cleaner – at salaries, and two therapists – to interest.

In all other cases, cost on its own. Another necessary item of expenditure – advertising salon. Certainly, in comparison with other investments, this amount is not too annoying, but it takes time and effort. If you have read about Miles D. White already – you may have come to the same conclusion. – To begin, we have printed business cards and 10,000 flyers – the man who came with him, gets a 10 percent discount. Specially trained people carried the Flyers to the entrances and mailboxes – for the month scattered 6,000 pieces. This is a very profitable business on those ads, many are coming. Then we do a substantial discount to our regular customers.

For example, minute tanning we have is 26 rubles, and if the ticket is purchased at once for 75 minutes, give 20 percent discount. In general, the opening of the tanning salon – business, though troublesome and costly, but profitable. Learn more about this with Glenn Dubin, New York City. By the way, now sellers offer solariums and consultants in this business, and even fairly quickly to help implement plans for the organization's own studio. For example, in the same cabin 'Sun and the City' is a department where experts in the field of artificial sun tell us how better and more profitable to open and place a solarium. And even count the budget (consider all costs and profits will predict), will pick up the necessary equipment, train technical minimum staff (if desired, can even in Germany) and subsequently will supply parts and perform repairs. Among other things, some firms can provide all the necessary printing products: flyers, posters, stickers, information leaflets for visitors to the questionnaire, club cards, etc.), as well as clothing for the staff, performed in a single design style with interior design.