Mcdonalds Corporation Competitor Brought

In a world of increasing interest to high-quality and healthy food at fast food restaurants such as McDonalds. Thus, the U.S. network is gaining popularity Mexican restaurants Chipotle, the corporation created by McDonalds. Click Dr. Mark Hyman for additional related pages. Perhaps Corporation McDonalds itself has brought up a very dangerous competitor. While the giant “Fast Food McDonalds has nothing to fear – the corporation more than 32,000 restaurants in 118 countries, and Chipotle have only about 1000 restaurants in the U.S., but it just yet. Network Chipotle confidently developed: an unprecedented deal – in America in fast food restaurants are Chipotle queue. Founder Steve Ells new network has developed the concept that food in their restaurant: high quality and tasty dishes made from natural products without the use of semi-finished, artificial flavorings and food additives (food production is slightly slower than the McDonalds).

Design of the restaurant should be such that clients could see the chefs work. Unlike McDonalds, to work at Chipotle is not hired temporary employees – students, professionals and the only full-time. The use of natural products, especially natural meat, purchased from farmers, Chipotle makes products more expensive than McDonalds. Thus, the analog hamburger at Chipotle – is “burritos” (folded Mexican burrito), it is worth – $ 1. Official site: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. But people are willing to pay more and wait for cooking, for the sake of natural food supply, and not artificial at McDonalds. Seed money to develop its fast-food chain by Steve Ells in the right quantity was not and he asked for help, oddly enough, to the same Corporation McDonalds. The Corporation’s giant first gained only part of the shares Chipotle, and then, in 2001, bought a controlling interest by extending the network from 16 to 500 Chipotle restaurants, investing in Chipotle $ 360 million.

To its credit, Chipotle, it has not lost in the world-leader “Fast food” of his face, and Steve Ells has remained its CEO. However, McDonalds Corporation did not miss its profits, it has sold in an IPO in 2006, Chipotle shares for $ 1.2 billion. Chipotle now has a network successfully growing, independent company with about 1,000 fast-food restaurants in 33 states. A restaurant chain Chipotle currently buys most products from farmers, using “clean”, the traditional technology without chemicals and GMOs. In this case, in 2010, the company has scheduled a “leap across the ocean – Chipotle is going to open restaurants in Europe (London,.


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