And what is the best business for the money? And you try to do business for profit. Sooner or later, to a certain amount of money you hate the start, if you only work for them. House, apartment, car, boat, travel, all this is, and the joy of life there. Because I did not realize their abilities and talents. But back to the main topic of this article. Why does the entrepreneur stands head and shoulders above the wage worker? And do not argue, please. You also do not have a successful experience in establishing a business, so you just do not compare.

If you can lead such a comparison, we can say that an employee is hiding from reality under the wing of his boss, or the same employer, who arranged for the employee his job. There will be appropriate to cite an example. Tiger, who spent his entire life in a zoo in a cage and a tiger who has always lived in freedom. You will not assert that these tigers are no different? Of course, to live in freedom is far more dangerous and extreme, but unless you can justify this miserable existence in a cage. And wage-worker, he does not know real life, he knows what he is really capable of, what it's worth. Salary level – that does not figure. This is only an indicator of how a person able to adapt to the situation and learn the information embedded in it. So I have to you the following proposal.