UV Light on Health

A very profitable unit Nowadays, numerous done studies and demonstrate the positive properties of the artificial solarium. Gina Ross has much to offer in this field. Nevertheless, sufficient information does not exist about the correct use of light UV or on the healthful effect of the sun. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. is the source for more interesting facts. For this reason, many gymnasiums and establishments directed to the well-being and fitness fear to invest in this segment, although it comprises of his competitions. As their establishments already are oriented towards the personal care and the health, these could generate majors sales between their customer thanks to the artificial bronzed one. A bronzed session of after a hard training is equal from logical and practitioner like relaxing in sauna. The client would save, in addition, enough time in the care of his image and well-being. Why do not take advantage all the gymnasiums this synergy? The lack of space is not a reason, since a bronzed equipment of does not occupy more that about 6 little ms if it is bed and 2m if it is vertical cabin. In a day the necessary cables settle.

It would only lack a mirror, one small bookcase, a wastebasket and a dispenser of paper to have ready the relaxation oasis. We must to take advantage of all the possible services that can offers a club of fitness. And it is that a bronzed gymnasium without is losing a good additional source of income. It is hour to change of opinion, is not only tried to extend our portfolio of clients, but to take advantage of the existing potential between which already we have.

Peru Experiment

Since I was 7 years old when she was still in elementary school in Lima Peru, I saw on the television series and cartoons, the heroes and the villains. And the heroes but after many viscisitudes always golds. I always wondered that some chose to be good and others bad and nobody gave me a clear answer. Once I remember I saw an episode of any of these cartoons and some good character counselor told him the hero is so bad because that is a loser. That I confused much. He was only 7 years old and nobody helped me to understand that. The years passed I studied at the University and a Professor I had constantly told me when did practice of Chemistry (profession that I studied), repeats the experiment…

Repeat the experiment, because otherwise you will fail in the results. However everytime I repeated the experiment something went wrong. Again and again was that practice and always fracasabaen the results. I remember spending day after day and with each error obtained, my only consolation was to write down it. At night he analysed what had scored, made changes and again to repeat the experiment. So I was almost a month and a half trying to well what he was doing.

And when they had passed almost 48 days. Eureka!, finally got the expected result. My teacher congratulated me and asked me to report indicate all steps I did and ended up with any thought that is original and which reflects a conclusion of what happened. So, after a couple of days to review what had been done, I wrote the final report and concluded with the following thought: failure is experience. Experience is teaching. Teaching is knowledge. Knowledge is not doubt. No doubt takes you to success. The teacher put me note 20 which in Peru is the maximum score. Apply that thought many times on various jobs and experiences in business of various twists. And gave me account that always worked. By more errors committed to plan something with persistence and what was scoring and scoring, deducing, correcting, asserting and reaffirming, planned and planted was beginning to bear fruit. That has accompanied me on many episodes of my personal and professional life. The great moral of what occurred to me at the University (to be exact at the National University of engineering in Lima Peru), is that the entrepreneur can have many roads to accomplish something; in many steps which gives you are failing. Only persistent, permanent effort, fitness and attitude to correct errors and the good wish of doing things properly, can lead to fulfill the dream of achieving a goal. The stories of my childhood on the villain and the hero now if they had an explanation. The villain planned something and failed and not persisted, not corrected, did not make changes that take him toward the right thing. The hero if you did. Now everything was clear. And you friend enterprising reader would prefer to be hero or villain?