What Is In A Face

This will solve in the future to the whims of feed the dog which plays near the table, or dogs who feel suspicious if a person you do not try their food usually causes them. Touching the dog since a puppy is crucial, stroke, having him in your arms, touch your tummy is feeling good to go by feel our presence, to trust that nothing will happen when you manipulate in our hands. This is necessary to display to keep quiet when their fur in good condition, give you some medicine to treat the veterinary clinic, cleaning ears, teeth, cut nails. If you are calm and confident will be much easier if you are aggressive and defiant. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.s opinions are not widely known. Now, if a puppy challenges us, we educate properly, firmly but not harm. If you do something naughty at home, breaks something, growls or bites us strong, we must catch him and taking him by the scruff of the neck, lift the puppy and look angry in the face, giving a little touch on one side of the snout.

It should also be sufficient if looks away after our anger and tries to maintain eye contact. A dog, whether it is a challenge between humans or between pets, you just have to know who is boss, not interested in fighting and getting hurt, do not get to this point. If they agree to send us, be calm and obedient, if on the contrary they feel the leaders of the pack, will be authoritarian and aggressive. If the dog show we have our moral authority in the hierarchy when he was a puppy, then we can make use of it for the rest of our lives together without physical punishment. Hitting a dog is harmless and will only be suspicious and fearful, not docile but will be unbalanced. The ideal is to be with many hours the dog puppy when a person is showing small orders on a consistent training, but if the family is great, everyone should participate. Children should play with the dogs, they can chase games, using toys for dogs, take clothes from the house, there are many fun games, but children sometimes abuse the trust and patience of the animal and can cause exhaustion, the dog growl and try to get rid of the heavy children but calmer dogs seldom respond, before a dog can bite, we should educate children about how the dogs feel like us and that his patience has limits. It is very obvious when a dog is an adult, if you have behavior problems, which are likely to have started since he was a puppy, not only by traumatic experiences.

German Shepherd

One of the more popular races of dog in the world is the shepherd German. Its beauty, fidelity and character have turned pleasant it into one of the favorite races of children, young people and adults. In this post we will speak on some majorities of these beautiful dogs. The German shepherd is a dog of German origin. Esteem that in century VII D.C already existed a race similar to the present dog. These dogs are also known like " ovejero alemn" , " alsatian" or " Germa’n Sheperd dog" in English. The German shepherd, as to his he indicates it name, was a dog used for protection of the flocks of ewes against the attacks of the wolves. When the first units appeared looked for the form to select to the dogs so that the resulting races did not lose any aesthetic nor functional like animal of agricultural work and cattle aspect.

The creator of this race of dogs, Bon Stephanitz persuaded the German government so that he accepted himself to these dogs in the works of police, with the forces of the law and the military. This race of dogs very soon one gained a good reputation by its intelligence, reliability, obedience, capacity of olfactory tracking and resistance. At the moment many medicine specialists recommend veterinary it as dogs guide for invidentes people. The original German shepherd is a dog of size medium, longer than high, with ears of so large half always shutdowns as On guard of alert. Hairy, with a long and hairy tail; they measure approximately 60 cm and they arrive even though up to 35 kilos.

These beautiful dogs have a life expectancy among 10 and 12 years. They are dogs that need to make exercise every day and to be to the slope of their vaccines since they are susceptible to contract moquillo. This race of dogs has discharge propensity to suffer displasia of hip, this disease characteristic of the great dogs can cause forts pains in the hip and take them to a state of constant rest. To cross suitably to the dogs is indispensable to prevent diseases and to obtain healthy dogs, without pain and that they are functional for the work or the exhibitions of mascots. Between taken care of for this race the constant training is recommended so that it can reach his potential like dog of work, obedient and loyal. As or we mentioned, the exercise is indispensable, to remove it to walk to the field, beach, mountain or to the park he is necessary and recommendable for his physical and emotional health, especially if is allowed him to run then these dogs freely usually they suffer temperamental upheavals when they are locked up what it can cause character badly to them, constant barks and little affability to the strangers. The first bath is recommended to give it to the 3 months of life with a soap or neutral champ. The feeding must be limited the croquettes recommended by the veterinarian without exceeding in the dose then its voracious appetite can take to these dogs to eat too much and to suffer gastric problems and chronic diarrhoea. The daily cepillado one is necessary to conserve the shining and beautiful hair.