Now I can call and say no to the ovaries without exploiting me or make me a hole in the stomach. I took up painting classes, and I will make a presentation and most surprisingly, I realized that "those days" are no longer fatal but instead are the moments when I feel strongly inspired by my best pictures. There is a lot of flower essences that are closely linked to women, namely: For internal processes related to femininity, both the mental (Feel loved, accepted, sincere delivery capacity), and in physical terms, covers many of the common gynecological disorders. The results in menstrual problems are generally very good. Cases of ovarian cysts responded well respecting what other synergies including characterological of each patient. Use cream is very appropriate to apply in the area of breast and abdominal area corresponding to the ovaries. Beyond the pictures of endogenous depression in which it applies, gives very good results to correct hormonal disorders, and also for PMS and the menopause.

It is very effective when we feel as disconnected as in darkness, unable to keep our feet on the ground. . When we need more sleep, slowed reflexes and mind are atontizada. Overwhelment State. For more information see this site: Somatic Experiencing. Feeling of "I can no more", many women, from housewives to professional go through this kind of oppression, where it seems that the day does not end more. Les restores lost energy and provides the ability to face problems from a proper perspective. It is very effective to combat or alleviate migraine dolor.Su use any cream helps improve venous circulation of the legs (varicose veins, swollen legs, fluid retention) for marked shifts in mood: joy – sadness, and Mood: love-hate. And for the same swing on a physical level: constipation – diarrhea, hypotension, hypertension, dizziness, vertigo, premenstrual mood swings.

So also is effective on an emotional level for those deciding where it causes paralysis in action. On the physical level support in the difficulties at the onset of menarche and menstrual disturbances. Premenstrual syndrome (pain, irritability, anxiety). Loss of fertility. Little blood flow to the genital area. Increases circulation to the clitoral area, fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus and vaginal walls. Inducing labor and neck dilator matriz.A level emotional for women who live the conflict between his professional performance and maternal ability or who have difficulty taking their femininity. For withdrawals or menstrual irregularities. Delayed sexual development. Sexual infantilism. Mujer.Para delayed puberty in those with a tendency to remain in a prepubertal and unable to identify with mature sexuality. Ideal for teenagers to begin to explore sexuality and feel ashamed of their own body. For disorders of premenstrual syndrome. Fertility problems or unconscious rejection of motherhood. Changes in menstrual tides. Disgust with being female or menstruating. Problems in the breast, vaginitis frigidity, anorgasmia.Rechazo of sexuality by making them feel inferiores.Ayuda to accept femininity. It would be impossible to keep telling them about the many scents that work for us women, but know that there is a wonderful world where all women can flourish when it so decides. Susana Belimlinski. TEL: 46837124