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The Wedding Loaf Is An Original Russian Tradition

Karavai wedding will always be given a special role in ceremonies Russian wedding. Virtually all modern weddings there rite, when the groom's parents meet the newlyweds after registration and are holding a loaf in the beautifully embroidered towels and an icon. Thus, they bless the newlyweds. There is a sign of who is more a piece of a loaf of bite, he will be in the family of the owner, and this should be done without touching the hands. Our ancestors paid a great attention to the wedding caravan. Its round shape symbolized the sun, and he was a symbol of wealth and satiety. This is due to the fact that Russia has long prospered farming and there were many ceremonies on fertility and soil.

Since bread peksya of flour, it was thought that he was "- the gift of mother earth." Wedding baked loaf of women, successful married and have healthy children because it was thought that their luck is passed a young family. So wedding cakes loaf was responsible and honorable thing. It was believed that the greater the size of a loaf is better, richer and better fed to the lives of young people, so try to bake a wedding loaves of enormous size. To decorate wedding cakes used patterns from the test, they were woven braids, flowers, ears of rye and twigs of viburnum. Kalina in Russia attributed to specific properties, it was a symbol of love. This is due to the fact that most weddings in Russia to play by the autumn, when the main field work completed at this time and ripened red berries Viburnum.