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If you do buy a sphinx for the soul, then take neutered Kid profitable, so you can avoid "surprises" puberty maturing animal and the need to do this operation in the future. In Europe and the U.S. has accumulated years of experience, testifying to the fact that the early castration / sterilization does not have any negative impact on the development of animals, but at an early age kittens are easier to tolerate anesthesia and surgery itself, the healing process goes faster. Christopher Chandler takes a slightly different approach. Wary if the breeder does not interested in who you are, for what purposes are buying a kitten sphinx, in what conditions he would live, if the breeder is willing to sell you do not castrated cat with all the documents without asking too many questions. Christopher Chandler does not necessarily agree. Kittens reared with love and all the rules – is always full of family members and beloved toddler, so a good breeder is always interested in what conditions will live kitten and takes part in his fate. Pay attention to the number of animals at the same time living in the apartment (house), overcrowding is dangerous occurrence and recurrence of persistent viral and infectious diseases. Never take your kitten before 3 months of age. Mama-cat feeds the kittens to 1,5-2 months, and she also teaches them the basics of behavior: how to eat food and lap up the water, lick, to use the tray, to communicate among themselves. Kittens that grow in the "family" not less than 3 months are more stable psyche, they are better adapted to the environment, easier to adapt to a new home.

Best Years of Life

I am losing the best years of my life. This was the phrase that I listened to of an adolescent mentioning itself it the fact of that it does not obtain more to have equal a social life to that it had before having precociously been mother. To if thus revealing, I oppose sensu, it is wanting to say that last youth, the worse years that if to follow will be of its life or that at least, will not be so good thus. In the truth, the adolescent is not renegando the son who was born. But it is repented not to have listened the hundreds of advice and acknowledgments that had been poured to it in the ears from the moment where to awake started it for the sex.

Moved for that sensation of being able that it impregnates in them in the youth, it believed that any thing that made, could not bring it greaters consequncias and followed living everything what the age allowed it in the possible way most intense. Until it came the notice of the pregnancy, waking up it of the illusion caused for this species of drunkeness that in them is caused by hormonal flooding the one that we are> submitted in this first phase of the life. Suddenly, the wakening of an illusion and the contact with the real life, that is, the difficulties of if taking care of of a new life, mission for which not yet was prepared. It is as to alar flight in a winged object without still knowing as to aterrisar it and to have that to learn to still make it in full air. It is not an uncommon situation. We see this all the time and for all the sides. After all, the nature, then in the dawn of the life, the ones of a sensation to be a species of deuses of the Olimpo.

Christmas and Family

Christmas, also will have to be the reconciliation with the life, with our fellow creatures, the nature in general. To think the Christmas, not in such a way in the traditionalism of the consumption, even so this is necessary, since soon for that they can, to acquire the corporeal properties of first necessity to donate to that they do not have this capacity, but in the direction of the construction of a world, more tolerant, more just more human. A Christmas with humanismo, in the respect for the nobility of the person human being who is born carrying of equal rights of freedom dignity. To walk for Christmases of progress to all the headings, in the deepening, consolidation and good-practical of the most elementary Human Rights, since soon the rights: to the life; to the health, in conditions jousts, with special concerns for the carenciadas people more; to the education and formation; to the work; to the habitation in worthy conditions; to justice, at last, to the rights consecrated in the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights. The Humanity is tired of discords, injustices, exclusions of all the nature. The global community cannot continue in the route that has come to follow, where the safe port does not glimpse itself. The world cannot waste the good-will people, whom they desire and they fight for the Peace, the Friendship, the Happiness and the Harmony between all the beings. The Christmas is this same.

Finally, my special reflection, very very particular, desires even so it to become public, as a species of contributo so that the Christmas is truily the Party of the Family Human being, but to start for proper me, for my family, friends and all the people who with me if relate. A Christmas with truth, loyalty, with reciprocity, either in the seio of the family, either with other people, that friendship of sincere Love-of-Friend, with a feeling of tolerance, pardon and much gratitude stops with all the people who, throughout to my have helped me life, understanding me and abandoning never me. It is this Christmas that I desire to festejar with much joy. Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues de Brtolo email: Personal Blog: Portugal: (Link Citizenship) Brazil:


What to do if her husband left her for another? Unfortunately, this question asked by many women. What can we do? Reproach myself that could not keep him? Or curse him and all the women in the world. In fact, if you think about it blame women only. Well, here yourself think that if all women refused to be "studs", that no treason was not. It is foolish to think the same, that if you took away her husband, then you have no one would lead. Would you like to stay with husband you did not want another woman? Then let's all he needs.

And you know that sometimes he refuses to and from the delicious meatballs, so long as you do all his sexual fantasies. If you missed your chance and you feel that your marriage destroyed, try to be happy. Change something in their image. Walk, so no matter how of-factly, enjoy life. Then he will ask yourself why you lost it. Well, your husband will not be able to live with other a woman knowing that you are happy.

He wants to know the reason for your happiness, and will soon return to you. Once he sees how you have blossomed without him, and jealousy will wake up. If you moan and cry, run it, he will get pleasure from it. The best place for them to bloom you, come to life. Now imagine that his friends tell him that you have seen such a beautiful, etc. and even reproached him, as he could such a woman missed. By the way, this recipe is suitable even for if he does not want you to come back. Your appearance will attract another man, and you should reach out to someone who you would prefer, because life does not end on what her husband gone.

The Process

But do not go too far! 4) It is said that similar interests bring people together. After questioning the man about what he loves. There is a chance that you'll find a suitable hobby for both of you! 5) Your appearance is critical value! Take care of each other, whether it neat and well maintained. But do not overdo it! Frightening battle coloring, it's not a very good choice! I recommend that you evaluate the test, which I see the guys. This woman's test will help you come up to the right decisions! 6) All the people who strongly value the freedom of the individual! It would be a huge blunder hanged man's neck. If you're lucky, it's just spugnet man, and at worst, you'll be with him, but he does not appreciate all of your advantages! In this situation, you have to be savvy. 7) Try to change the look of your own! Send to a good hairdresser, bought brand new clothes.

You need to make sure that your current image is right for you! It is not necessary stupidly follow fashion trends. 8) Try to get a little mysterious. But do not turn into a snow queen! Be sociable, tell about interesting events, but underline a certain zest. 9) Try to become more confident in yourself woman! Remember that you have been able to achieve very much! So do not be a coward as the most pre finale! Other people are naturally feel confident in their abilities of people and it will help you. 10) Isolation.

You should not talk on the move man, you're in love with him, try to understand the allegory to him about it. A drop of more smile to him. If suddenly the object of your desires take an interest in you, whether you are free to the other guy, tell that you're still in the process search, but definitely moving in the right direction (especially effective if the languid look in his eyes asked the question). Savvy guy that will be enough! Postscript. I recommend a look at my portal, at where you will find fascinating psychological tests. These tests can help you identify your own level of self-esteem, does the 'hole' in your image and just know its thorough nature!

The Psyche

And there in the head Chain: pregnancy – a threat to the organism. In other words, a negative experience gained previously, for whatever reason was not survive until the end, the psyche is not able to accept, process and manage it, and that protect people from further trauma, the experience drove away in the subconscious. But he never disappeared, and the distance continues to dictate its terms to a woman. She herself was not aware of this effect and does not remember those old already events. But the mind is already included protective mechanisms and is on guard and how to warn that if you become pregnant, it will threaten the health and life.

And, of course, pregnancy does not occur. Thus, the psyche protects a person from a possible meeting with the traumatic event, and even more with the consequences. Psychological causes of infertility set, as much and women who suffer from it. They are highly individual. Elucidation them, finding them in the past, and processing, it is not experienced negative experiences can lead to infertility that miraculously take place "by itself". Moreover, a woman may be an adult in age but absolutely psychologically immature, infantile.

In other words, she is still a baby, give birth to her! In today's world is increasingly common and is another reason psychological infertility. This desire to make a career, held in professionally. Moreover, that this way is very welcome in today's society. Many women consider themselves to be worthless, unless they have reached career heights as men.

Online Dating

Sometimes when reading multiple ads on dating sites who are over 30, you find very funny things like "Young programmer with a small script is looking for a reliable provider that can satisfy its website. Intimacy does not offer. " And what usually happens when a man seeking a life partner, after a long stay at Online Dating Over 30 years, finally was granted on dating in real life. And then he meets a girl, she arranges a romantic date, a candlelit dinner, compliments subtle, refined, his eyes full of desire. Evening approaches end, and this guy, knowing that it's time to move to a more determined attack, decided to ask: – Now I most want to have our evening did not end, and the consistency of it I continue. Maybe go to my home? She, with her eyes, quietly answers: – You see … I'll tell you how to spirit, perhaps, you it may seem untimely, but I stick to certain principles. In general, I have never no one was close.

I decided to stay a girl, not yet will be sure that I really love that man, who next to me. – Yeah … Probably not easy to live with these principles … – But why? No problems. That's only husband … It is, yes.

For the fourth year of Psyche. And in its way address the issue of how to find a soul mate, we try a variety of options. Especially when today we have so many opportunities to explore in Moscow.

The Wedding Loaf Is An Original Russian Tradition

Karavai wedding will always be given a special role in ceremonies Russian wedding. Virtually all modern weddings there rite, when the groom's parents meet the newlyweds after registration and are holding a loaf in the beautifully embroidered towels and an icon. Thus, they bless the newlyweds. There is a sign of who is more a piece of a loaf of bite, he will be in the family of the owner, and this should be done without touching the hands. Our ancestors paid a great attention to the wedding caravan. Its round shape symbolized the sun, and he was a symbol of wealth and satiety. This is due to the fact that Russia has long prospered farming and there were many ceremonies on fertility and soil.

Since bread peksya of flour, it was thought that he was "- the gift of mother earth." Wedding baked loaf of women, successful married and have healthy children because it was thought that their luck is passed a young family. So wedding cakes loaf was responsible and honorable thing. It was believed that the greater the size of a loaf is better, richer and better fed to the lives of young people, so try to bake a wedding loaves of enormous size. To decorate wedding cakes used patterns from the test, they were woven braids, flowers, ears of rye and twigs of viburnum. Kalina in Russia attributed to specific properties, it was a symbol of love. This is due to the fact that most weddings in Russia to play by the autumn, when the main field work completed at this time and ripened red berries Viburnum.

Gifts To March 8,

Choosing a gift for March 8 – a complex process. Indeed, so eager to please our loved women, girls, wives, mothers, sisters, girlfriends or female employees. As an alternative gift – a set of luxury bed linen. Our bed linen will love and your gift will be remembered for a long time! The wisdom of the East can only admire. Only true philosophers might say, "Let yourself healthy sleep – and you allow yourself a long life!". To this can be add just one thing: do not forget to make a place to sleep comfortable and pleasant to the eye. And, indeed, a person spends a third of her life in a dream, so why not take care of that this part of our life was comfortable? In After all, our well-being, mood and alertness, and depend largely on what spread out our bed.

The choice of bedding – the finishing touch in creating interior bedroom. Sleep on quality and a beautiful bed underwear, what could be better for a relaxing and comfortable sleep? Bedding – an essential element of any bedroom, and highlight the correct choice of your exquisite taste and refinement, and will positively affect your full relaxation, comfort and sleep. With the advent of luxury bed linen, the view that the bed linen to give too corny, has changed dramatically. Indeed, elite linens made of natural materials – an excellent gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, March 8, 23 February, and indeed, for any occasion. Grandeur and elegance of materials, drawings, and design of bed linen will please you and make your spirits and good mood for the day.