Web Agency Comma D Presents

Magento specialists from Ingolstadt enterprise project PrintDino present the Ingolstadt Agency for communication design comma-D has newly launched their website under. The improved options and the newly designed reference area deserves particular attention. In addition, there is now also an area for case studies are specially presented in the larger projects. One of the Agency’s current highlight is the new Magento enterprise project. Here is an interactive ordering platform for digital prints with integrated product configurator and designer. The product configurator and designers is a standalone application that has been integrated into the Magento shop system.

With the Configurator, the user has the possibility to configure a custom product. To do this, he chooses the type of material, enters the height and width and designed the product online in the product designer. These are the users of motif templates, images and different text tools available. Also, the further processing of the product can be easily configure. The Magento Agency has in addition all internal systems (SAP business one, EnFocus Powerswitch and a fully automatic FTP upload) linked with the Magento Enterprise shop system interfaces and a fully automated Web-to-print solution based on Magento Commerce developed so in cooperation with the customer. Contact: Comma D Rainer Weber mangosteen 6 85049 Ingolstadt, Germany E-Mail: website: telephone: +49(0)841/1 29 47 60