Explosive Cocktail Check

What would your company in these situations? Dear reader, I give this small test related to the protection of personal data in the workplace. Is it possible to enter the e-mail of a worker when it has not come to work because they are low and is awaiting an important response from a client? A notification of traffic has reached so that to identify the driver of a vehicle in your company with which an offence was committed. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.: the source for more info. It violates the LOPD if you identify him? If the representatives of the workers you are requested to inform them of salary and supplements for each worker, should give them this information? And if they ask for the TC1 and TC2, the relationship of overtime performed by staff or workers are on leave? Must you cancel the data of a worker just who dismiss and which exercises its right of cancellation? Do know what to do when an employee refuses to sign the informative clause concerning the protection of personal data that has prepared her? company precisely in order to comply with the data protection act? Can you see the result of a medical examination of company to be able to adapt the job in compliance with regulations of prevention of labour risks? In the answers to these questions (not as obvious as it might seem) your company is playing infringements in the field of data protection and be fined for this. Any undertaking is subject to the data protection act in relation to their template, which puts to test every day on everyday issues and regulations whose breach is penalized with fines in many cases millions of dollars (up to 600,000 euros). Your company not can afford the luxury of committing offences without knowing it!! Why next Tuesday February 28 have organized a seminar (see program) where known thoroughly – and in just one day! – all the implications of the rules of data protection in relation to its workers: selection and recruitment video surveillance Control of use of social networks and new absenteeism Technologies Control of temporary incapacity relations with trade unions and the Works Council prevention of labour risks layoffs training and information to workers and much more you encourage you to download this seminar program and to share this journey with the best speakers, experts in the areas of data protection, Industrial property, intellectual and technology, and labor law of Gomez-Acebo & Pombo.