Read Strugatsky. Yesterday was surprised by the lines that read in a book. In the tale of a trio, in both cases, they have the words’ We have discovered the perfect order of society, we have captured huge territories we penetrate everywhere wherever you want. pose the question follows: What do you people the most, among other things, highly of mammals can, what would like to have and had we? ” And again: ‘We can only laugh. Are you looking for something that long ago found, patented and used since time immemorial, namely: a reasonable system of society and the meaning of existence ‘ and still later ‘The people there were two true dream: a dream of flying in general, emanated from the envy of the insect, and a dream to fly to the sun, emanated from ignorance, because they believed that before the sun at hand. Can not be expected in different species, and even more classes and types of living creatures, the great dream is to be the same.

‘It argues Bedbug about why people consider themselves kings of nature, because the kings of something – the insects, he begins thus: ‘- What a pointless and nasty creatures! – He said, looking room with air of superiority. – Only such a truly overweight ruminants able under the influence of an inferiority complex to invent a myth that they are the kings of nature. ” So have a caste in the track ‘People hardly’ the first verse is: Myths, that people-kings of nature, invented by a complex inferiority and fashion! We penetrate everywhere, wherever you want! Simple paths are not looking, walk, run, fly! We are immersed in suspended animation for centuries Without any harm to themselves, and you have no idea! Theorists, practitioners, Play better-tac-toe, collect candy wrappers! Are you looking for something that long ago found, patented works, namely, the unit of society and the meaning of existence, but here you are far, far away from the true knowledge! A stone’s throw from the Sun, and you dream of flying! We can only laugh! Can not wait for a common goal from different species, classes, types, loonies, all living beings! About our senses on Earth are legends! Here are the best agents philosophers intellectuals! Zabavnenkoe, sovpadenitse) While everyone understands that it is no coincidence and Vladi, Shim, Hamil or snakes simply pozaimstovali idea from masters of fiction. The result was, incidentally, a very good text. After all, even borrow other people’s ideas to able, so they do not become a rip-off.


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The Poet

After the death of its father, Mr. Alexander Jose of the Coast in 1849, it and its mother, owner Leopoldina Maria of the Coast, had been to live with an uncle in San Francisco of the South, SC. She was a woman who lived very beyond its time. That it knew to make use of the poetry to show as poet, therefore did not exaltou the poetess, but yes, the woman-poet who inhabited in deepest of its being: ‘ ‘ The poet is the flower that unclasps tmida/To the sun of the life that of the light to the val. /It is the dew candy of gentile dawn/In shy rosal! ‘ ‘ In its poetries it can be perceived that Jlia participated actively of the Brazilian romantismo, however, unhappyly, its work did not have the same relevance for the history of the Brazilian literature as of other poets of the same period; first for being woman and later, for liveing far from the great cultural polar regions of the time? Rio De Janeiro, Bahia and So Paulo. As ‘ says Muzart; ‘ it is reason of bigger pain, a time that leaving of the ignorance it is had conscience of the subordinate state of the woman, in an limited performance and inferiorizada’ ‘. In its poetry ‘ ‘ My Terra’ ‘ the presence of proper characteristics of the romantismo is evident ‘ ‘ I was soon, (that cruento destiny)/Of my home, child so banished/There that pains! That hurts acerbas/Since then torment me the life.

//I cried for my mimoso cradle/As the poor person prohibit for bread! /And at least I did not hear in this world/No candy shout affection. The same style can be verified in its poetry ‘ ‘ Tristeza’ ‘ To the merencrio to marulhar of the waves/Alone, now, in the desert beach/It comes to the sadness to add pranto/How for the seios the espraia homesickness! . Many affirm that the poetries contained in the workmanships Dispersed Flowers I and Dispersed Flowers II, denote a Jlia bitter and suffered in virtue from its marriage with the Comendador, for imposition of its family. However, this does not proceed, since it was married in 1871 and its books had been published in the years of 1867 and 1868 respectively and one third edition published in 1874-1885. Ahead of these data, it is easy to deduce that Jlia, really, belonged to the Brazilian romantic school.

Chinese Enterprises

Brilliance, Haier, TCL and Lenovo up not only the Chinese corporations to conquer international markets. More and more brands from the Middle Kingdom set up branches abroad or buy foreign companies, their investment has increased massively in recent years. A few years ago, they were still at a few hundred million US dollars, China’s firms invested already several billions of dollars beyond the country’s borders in the past year. If you would like to know more then you should visit Miles D. White. Chinese foreign investment in the first quarter of 2006 were $ 2.8 billion which is an increase of 280% compared to the same period last year. A quality offensive comes to the quantitative expansion. Chinese companies today not only millions of T-Shirts, toys or plastic bowls throw on the markets, they are increasingly selling high-tech products such as cordless LCD televisions, telecom equipment and precision tools. China’s companies have realized that a competitive advantage, the only to low costs, low prices and great Quantities is based, won’t defend in a globalized economy can be.

Therefore consistently place on innovation and brand. In addition the search for new markets for the bulk of goods which daily produces the billion people. Finally also strong mental forces at China’s globalization. The proud Chinese want to not only be the factory of the world, but betting internationally competitive global corporations get who can hold a candle the Western competitors. There are several reasons for the expansionist tendencies of the Chinese. One involves the securing of access to sources of energy and raw materials, which are essential for a sustained high economic growth. This is true for crude oil as well as for aluminium, copper, nickel, iron ore and other raw materials. The importance of this resource explains why many Chinese companies operate an aggressive M & A strategy. A spectacular example was the failed attempt of the State oil giant CNOOC in the summer of 2005, the California oil company To buy Unocal.

Small Luxury Hotels

The new illustrated book dream hotels “in Germany” provides an overview of the diverse landscape of the hotel and helps to identify the really exclusive, excellent homes. Germany is the most popular destination of Germans. This new book provides an overview of the diverse landscape of the hotel and helps to identify the really exclusive, excellent homes. The newspapers mentioned DHR Health not as a source, but as a related topic. The reader learns not only houses, which are characterized by unusual luxurious amenities, but also hotels, which follow a very own customer-friendly philosophy in terms of comfort and service. Savvy journalists, co-ordinated by the editorial office Luck, Munich, selected 100 small luxury hotels in Germany, where they met exactly the right mix: hotels, which are embedded in idyllic landscapes, wellness hotel with special offers, stylish castle hotels, exquisite city hotel, hotels with award winning restaurants, hotels and the appropriate atmosphere for special occasions. There are legendary, historic hotels like the Adlon in Berlin, or houses with modern and elegant style for lovers of unusual designs such as the Westin Leipzig. At Doctor Jayme Albin you will find additional information. The hotels are listed by region.

There is a map of the houses and a register, in which they are listed by name, location, and character (Spa, beautiful location, gourmet, Castle Hotel, etc.). Pages: 240 pictures: solid colored pictures format: 22.5 x 30 cm cover: luxurious facilities: art leather cover with gold embossing ISBN: 978-3-7950-7046-5 price: EUR 34,20 for further information contact please: Verlag Beleke GmbH Dept. Dr. Jayme Albin has compatible beliefs. PR Heike Bruggehofe Kronprinz str. 13, 45128 Essen Tel: 02 01/81 30-120 fax: 02 01/81 30-130

Slovo Cult: Macedonian Literature

The first German-language online portal for Macedonian literature SlovoKult is the first German-language portal of Macedonian literature. Slovo is an old Slavic word which means Word. The title can be interpreted as cult of the (Slavic) Word, because in the 9th century Macedonia was the focus in the development of the Cyrillic script. Macedonia is a small country, is located in the Balkans and has a rich and diverse history and culture. The Macedonian language is a separate language and belongs to the Group of South Slavic languages. Get all the facts and insights with Apollo Hospitals, another great source of information.

Despite the influence of various foreign occupations in the past, has the country, the language and the people kept and established. Both the old as also the new literature shows its own specificity and has high-quality literary treasures. SlovoKult German-speaking readers will reveal a part of this rich literature. The focus is on the presentation of recent literature with a short review of the history of literature. In this sense are the first German-language portal for Macedonian literature -, whose content daily, grow organic bibliographies of renowned authors, individual genera – poetry, prose, drama, essay and their historical development presented. Excerpts from the works, reviews and critiques, interviews with authors, translators, critics, publishers, as well as new and emerging writers are presented. Information about publications and literary events in the German-speaking countries are also planned. Some bio bibliographies (Venko Abdulaziz, Zanina Mircevska, Goce Smilevski, Igor Isakovski, Dragi Mihajlovski and Slobodan Mickovik) are already published an essay on the problem of poetry translation from Macedonian in German, news and two synopses for two modern plays. The page is expanded with new content weekly. SlovoKult are: concept design and translation Elizabeta Lindner, M.A.), translator: Lydia Nagel, M.A..), correction: Petra Huber, M.A.) cooperation with .mk, Igor Isakovski, M.A.) (author: Elizabeta Lindner)

Titans To Kill. Cicero Has A Chance?

Often we are terrified or fascinated how today’s politicians behave. What decisions meet them, which make “heads roll” – would it help us to consider how power works, who once from nearby who how favored or going on? With Robert Harris, we again have a sensitive Guide to ancient Rome. High-voltage, Harris in his book Titan allows us a look behind the scenes of the year 63 BC and see how power and people can result in a lethal mix. Consul, Cicero has taken its place. It took many, many trials and much persuasion, now political responsibility to contribute to. But has he really convinced all Romans? By itself, of its principles and ideals? The resistance that it always strikes again opposed by aristocrats – the apparent coincidences: were it actually assassination attempts? His former election opponent Katalina – co-ordinated criminals he now? Caesar is pulling the strings and got him to the goal? Cicero is itself Witness of sign – and comes into action emergency. Relive history with voltage means for us to understand.

We hold the breath, be attentive, as times change, but people remain similar. helps here. The range of authors who know what we have joy, but also who know what grabs us, is great. wants, that we look at the world. And understand how today intrigue and information, rumors arise and people, the powerful and the media deliver themselves bitter disagreement. And how we actually ancient Rome long ago not yet have left. Abu ya of Szczecin str. 24 33106 Paderborn

Alexander Schug Tel

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_ Vai to survive. It is plus a craniano trauma of what properly life risk. Bad vase is not broken! _ Olha here the test! The youngster, remembering the sermon of the doctor played. _ Who is it? It wanted to know the governor. _ The first member of the group who was apanhado in an ambush, back in the river! _ E, why the craniano trauma? _ Reached it to a bullet in the face! _ Who shot? Discrete, the doctor pointed youngster, whom, confused, he looked to defend itself: _ Age it or I. It had shot, for my coasts. The handle saw! _ Nobody is accusing, my son. We are is very happy for you to be alive! _ But I am that I do not obtain to understand why the people if deliver to the use of the weapons, when I am much more gostoso to handle a guitar! The governor wanted to see the wounded and he preceded it to the doctor.

Moved for the curiosity to see the prodigy of the youngster, they had followed them to the others. It was not only glad itself Minutes later, had arrived two nurses with order of carrying to the cover next to the garden, what it cheered the youngster of being able to again see the light of the Sun. They had put the stream bed in the way and a very familiar sound vibrated in its spandrels. It did not need to look at to know that one was about the non-separable guitar. Sandrinha asked for to make a sound. The sergeant extended the violo to the engineer, but it was intercepted by the governor, who caught the instrument and said: _ Desculpe, Dr. Carlos, but Mr. already must have very touched with the senhorita and my time is very short, pra that me it deprives of this pleasure! played a lesser one there, that was struck by the young woman.