The Future Of The Mobile Internet

Light-bodied, location-based services are the future of mobile data plans increasingly in the interests of mobile customers – and the mobile network operator. At the time, but nearly 100 billion DM for the UMTS licences were issued. After long time has done nothing in this area is that there are now affordable option packages with the providers – up to the flat rate. But why should you use these services? Alone due to the high-latency they are uninteresting for online players and even if the broadband HSDPA connection, the difference to the DSL connection via the fixed network is strongly felt. “Information and geographically linked content will be the main application area for mobile data services” by Natalie media publishing, Publisher of the online Firmenguides Frank Schomber, a business directory on the Internet.

The services must be to recognize so well on small mobile phone displays and have a benefit – where is the nearest restaurant, when starts a film at the cinema, to cite just a few examples. And the content must quickly and without to retrieve large data traffic be, because the majority of mobile customers has no option prices and even if billed according to volume, so a MB can cost 10 ever transfer. “Therefore we develop at the time a mobile portal that meets these requirements exactly”, next to Saeed, “but there still some problems must be solved. It is always important that the customer has confidence in data protection; After all, it is necessary, to determine its position to meaningful support of his quest.” It is so still a long way from the mobile Internet, if it wants to remain not only a pure access technology without benefit of equity. But this is absolutely necessary for a wide range of customers is ready to book – for these services option packages and there will be not enough content without potential users. We can be so curious, what the future holds. (Frank Schomber, Natalie media publishing)