Holy Kings

You told me, that the upper wiring harness located under the roof was on fire. This fire would have drawn like an ignited fuse through the entire electronics. Now you have a whole new Insert the harness and then can be determined if additional controllers are faulty. Now, 2 months had passed. At this time, I, as well as the workshop have also, me garment to Mercedes Benz.

The request was good will. The answer a cable fire almost a short circuit triggered in me. It was so normal that it should be a quality product such as Mercedes Benz, after 5 years of burning cable. It wasn’t me sure about the payment of the total invoice amount, but if it would have been only the material or labour costs, a small concession. Thus the December passed away with his quiet time, in this country but it lasts to 06.01, because the 3 Holy Kings are the real Christmas. They had a gift for me. Although also somewhat late, but because I had gotten used to me now, because I got it on January 16, 2008 in the form of an e-mail message.

A cost estimate! After 3 months! Incredible! (Optional was a now offered me) about 7,000 or b) 5,500 listed different repair options. Concluded with the sentence: we hope to have helped you, and remain awaiting confirmation of repair. The considerations were to answer this question on my part towards: A further education, where I can do this and how long at all to an automotive Mechatronics takes? So I contacted again on the 22.01 Maastricht. The seat of the call center by Mercedes Benz is located here. There they told me that the operation was completed. So I told the story again and gained the disbelief. “Pleading I has now announced:”I would like to have but only my car back!”.” I am very hopeful for this year! What then is now also the only positive detail of this whole thing, absolutely positively, is the insurance. On the 09.01 I called at 10:00 at the VHV insurance in Hannover. Despite the removal of over 3,500 kilometers a cover letter was within half an hour by Mr. Schubert, which here particularly mention is, given. A great service that might have been expected actually by a company, which after all, is a star. Non-bureaucratic, helpful and Nice, what staff unfortunately cannot be said or Benz. How to do the thing out, unfortunately only the star know. Sven Martini