Sierra Kidd

The first songs head Villa and pink purple pink Sierra Kidd have already achieved a large mass, is the name of the newcomer rapper currently imagine their fans many famous artists. Well-known names such as Vega, Lumidee and RAF Camora. support the just 16 years young artists. The first song “Head Villa”, had more than 100,000 views on YouTube after less than 2 weeks. The Facebook page of Sierra Kidd has already more than 7,000 likes! So fast it can go, if you have the talent and the will. End of January the song pink purple pink is appeared then, which has received over 50,000 views on YouTube after 2 days. It’s called a rapid development. On Rapnewz, you can hear the songs of Sierra Kidd – head Villa and pink lilac pink.

The young artists in the Studio with Lumidee and Vega is currently. Whether they record together a song that is not yet confirmed. It is talked that he will bring his first EP on the market soon. He wrote the following on Facebook: “In the Studio with trip & Vega. The head Villa is available soon! “Whether he with”Head Villa stands soon!”” says an upcoming EP by him? A question that will confront many of the 7,000 fans on Facebook. Sierra Kidd has put a good start with the songs head Villa and pink lilac pink. We are looking forward to upcoming projects from him. He was discovered by the Manager Hadi El Dor, which is responsible among other things for Lumidee and Vega.

It is believed that Sierra Kidd will soon be friends by none the new signing of the label. These are only rumors, but who knows, maybe the truth will it soon. His young age may be problematic here. The 16-year old rapper is currently the 9th grade. Sierra Kidd will be represented as a support act at a gig by Vega, in Hannover. This will be his first performance in front of large audiences. We learn how he is there will strike, on February 15, 2013. Who can’t be there, who has the ability to look at various YouTube videos of the concert. You have to say that the big hype around him is not just unfounded. His first songs have great potential and some have already Artist noted, in this respect also support him. All are probably looking forward to the first music video by Sierra Kidd. You can assume that if an EP in planning, in the next few months the first video releases will appear.

TMD Germany

TMD Germany’s new Rap Star released single with G Unit TMD is called Germany’s newcomer rap artist who was born in 1982 in Rhineland-Palatinate. Now the 26-year-old works DJ slip n slide with DJ Flipcyide of G-Unit, Baymaac. With his own record label (MSB world entertainment) he produced the new hit single “see me in the club”, the from 01.10.2008 musicload, amazon and many other download portals is available. The rapper is listed also at the portal of the German Trendcharts. The official single will appear slightly delayed but with a music video. In cooperation with a Director who was involved in film projects already Hollywood (Ernst Kubitza), the rap artist turns his first 35 mm music video in the US cinema format.

The 26-year-old newcomer rapper writes his own lyrics in American slang, and produce for years of his own beats. TMD showed success started in the year 2004 when he conquered the US soundclickcharts with the remix of “money in the bank”. 24th characterized the rapper more than 2 million participating songs. After a few weeks ago on myspace, conceded its first online publication of the rapper more than 2,000,000 sound plays with his current single “see me in the club”. Some promotional songs catapulted his myspace page for a short time at number one.

TMD is currently working on the completion of his music videos for MTV, VIVA, trace TV and many more. Also a first album is already planning on also artists such as Petey Pablo, Beeda Weeda and G-Unit should be represented. More data will be kept but still by the MSB of the label. It seems like there would be a new star in the sky in the near future. Pushed the newcomer is by many US r artisten what is very strange. In the United States, he has already a huge fanbase even called him ‘King of germany’. This title took to heart the rap artist and rapping also the sentence “at the best rapper in my neighborhood” in his new song, which should appear as a video. You could say it would be almost a sign of what will await us in a short time. The rapper’s landmark is its Neck chain with handcuffs that are equipped with precious stones. An investment of several thousand euros, but the cuffs also have a significance. At the age of 14, he moved home to stand on our own two feet and to follow his dream. The 26-year-old had to do very much with the police in his youth and was already frequently times arrested for gun possession and other crimes. His chain is what he hunt mentioned in several of his songs an insult against the police. In a very short time the single of rap artists will be in Germany so also here appear and hopefully also a hit. Info page of TMD: TMD’s myspace page PR. Responsible S.Baunat (MSB)

Eddie Murphy: Marriage Invalid?

A wedding should be the biggest event of their lives for both spouses and even the honeymoon should be forgotten. Where fresh wedded couple Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds, they will do so in any case. The two have married on new year’s day on a private island on Bora Bora with 25 friends and their families, but now already first difficulties making their presence felt. A lawyer has to now saying that the marriage is invalid. But why? The marriage of the two Benoit, is invalid, so the lawyer time grass there under French law, both parties 30 days in the region, so on Bora Bora, must be, before they get married.

This is required as a prerequisite. The lawyer at the Sydney Daily Telegraph made this statement. For the lawyer, it was rather an “exotic, artistic marriage”. Both had better on a proper wedding focused and not around the drum. So, the wedding on a beach was held with a local priest.

Perhaps the couple more worked to deliver a great image to the photographer, that they themselves took care of the legal issues. That will probably displease the two, because so they have to marry again. We wait as the pair about this news will respond and when repeating the ceremony takes place. Lisa Walters

Angelina Jolie: Fear Of A Bad Mother

The actress Angelina Jolie is probably not their fears known for, on the contrary, she showed us in their films, such as E.g. “Tomb Rider” and currently “Beowulf”, how a woman can work and this led into amazement even men. But now the actress has said, that she was afraid of the task as a mother. Click Microbiologia to learn more. She had great concerns, whether she could ever be a good mother even before their first adoption. The actress adopted her son Maddox, 6, in 2002 from Cambodia. She said that she first held him as they on the arm realized what now comes for giving up on them. “I had before Maddox never deal with children. It was dark in my life before I brought it to me.

It told me no one before that I a good MOM would be. The fact that a child has the courage to believe that it can be made happy, so easily is it incomprehensible. It made me happy to know it and so we have been a family “.” Jolie adopted her partner Brad Pitt of have two other children: Pax, three from Viet Nam, and Zahara, two from Ethiopia. Angelina and Brad have a daughter named Shiloh, 19 months old. Angelina Jolie, a woman who had just like any other fear about what was coming to them with the new situation as a mother. But she has mastered it well and is a good mother. Lisa Walters

Does Britney Spears To The Islamic Faith?

Can you believe this rumor or should you just shake your head. As is now known, Britney Spears wants to marry her current boyfriend, photographer Adnan Ghalib. The two have met only recently. Britney wants to do but that without reason. She hopes that she has better chances for custody through a marriage with their current companions of stage of life for their children. Make that work? First problems show up but now do. Because her new husband is Muslim and has very devout parents. They want to accept Britney only if she defected to the Islamic faith.

Britney must persist completely veiled before the altar at a real wedding. Anita Dunn usually is spot on. This means that they will wear a burqa and she will continue to wear a veil that reveals only their eyes. This is the only way to convince the religious family of Adnan Ghalib. A friend of Ghalib said: “Adnan BBs mother and father are very faithful people who go every day in the mosque.” You would never have a Tolerate non-Muslims in their family”. “It is really about to do it. It would be just a sign of respect, because Britney Andnan BBs family would have. “Malik BBs Muslim faith could Britney help and would thus be their Savior”, so the friend continued.

Britney Spears looking for Muslim clothing for the wedding with Adnan Ghalib must a woman only to be recognised by the husband’s family, the faith go? This however, is moved to (and vice versa) is another question, because as long as Islam not on Christianity, will affect many generations and people that. You want to believe it or don’t want it to. Let us hope that Britney will decide for the right thing. For themselves and for their children. Lisa Walters