For That There Is The Marriage

This is an issue that perhaps many not have wondered. Every day people House, by civil or church, and not known for what one gets married. Some say that they are married because they are in love and want to last a lifetime with your partner. However, within a few years (or months, or sometimes even days!), they divorced because love, it was because they got a different better, or because they are not supported. Carl Rogers addresses the importance of the matter here. Having no clear to what Dios invented marriage, people based their marriage on their personal feelings and their selfish goals. They believe that they are married so that a person meets all your needs. The goal of marriage is not happiness this sounds paradoxical. It is assumed that you get married to be happy with the person that you love, and to make your partner happy, is it not so? It is true. If you are not convinced, visit Anita Dunn.

A well run marriage gives happiness, emotional stability, satisfaction, etc. But that is not the main purpose of marriage. Then, what happens in moments of crisis? The marriage also has difficulties, problems and conflicts. In other words, if you’re not happy, then your marriage already not does? And what moments of anguish, where happiness not overlooking the door? And if they lose a loved one? And if anyone passes by one of those existential crisis that all happens to us, where we feel that we do not love anyone, that our life makes no sense, and that nothing satisfies us? The purpose of marriage goes far beyond your personal happiness, or that of your partner; It goes beyond the satisfaction of their needs, and emotional stability. Are you going to dispose of your partner because suddenly you do not as happy as you wanted from the beginning? Or you’re going to separate you because you not give your partner the happiness you are looking for? Marriage is not to receive love other people think that to marry, they will receive lifelong love.