Military Medical Academy

" (Sukhanov, Boris Petrovich, Professor Institute of Nutrition, Professor of Military Medical Academy. Sechenov, MD) contraindications to the use of dietary supplements do not available. However, each person is different. "If a person keeps track of your health, it is difficult to find a doctor who would know better than helpful to his health than he was." (Socrates) No matter how useful cabbage, but persons suffering from, for example, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it is contraindicated. And how can each of us to eat onions or garlic? "…

The food should be viewed not only as a source of energy and plastic substances but as a very complex set of pharmacological … "(Pokrovsky, AA, academic) to know and feel and its features (identify health) only you can! In most cases, dietary supplements (nutraceuticals) can be used in accordance with the dosage of the manufacturer without medical advice. However, if you have a chronic illness or idiosyncrasy of ingredients, you should consult a doctor, giving him information about the structure planned to receive the supplements. If you are interested in receiving the results of nutritional supplements, fix your condition before and after their admission. Please note: _ the general condition: fatigue, stress, the processes of sleep and sleep – skin, hair, nails, – appetite, eating habits and addictions – the state bodies that cause you anxiety or who have been diagnosed – weight volumes of body parts that cause you frustration. Weight and volume are on the intake of dietary supplements be adjusted in different ways by different functional processes – can decrease the volume on the background of stable weight and vice versa. And if you have the functional changes that you want to commit to using the tests and examinations, the results after taking dietary supplements should please you. When? Do not expect miracles in one night! The effect of use of dietary supplements occurs gradually, often you do not feel good on them for several months.

Here are all individually! It's like the lost traveler trying to get on the right path: it may be necessary to return back to the place from which the lost way, and maybe – once a detour to bypass done. It all depends on the condition of your body. The primary change may be simply invisible without special tests … On the first results can be say at least 90 days after receiving dietary supplements, because for this period the renewal of cells in the body. Therefore, the period before the results will take more time because the healthy cells will start to rebuild functioning of the organism. The more you have accumulated problems in the body, the further positive results. Accumulated over the years can not be removed from the body for several days! As soon as you start moving in the direction of health start using the principles of healthy eating, dietary supplements in the diet type, get exercise, gets in the way of so-called "healing crisis" or "healing through the aggravation." Over the years, existing within certain habits, your body is trying to say that it is bad because you want to spend more energy on cleansing the body of toxins. It is important to listen to your body! Drink 2-3 liters of carbonated water – Helps the body clean. Reduce your consumption of coffee, alcohol, strong tea. Try to smoke less. In some cases, you can resort to the adsorbent. Adsorbents – a neutral substance with the property absorb, absorb various harmful substances. The most famous of adsorbents – activated charcoal. Aleksandrova 'remember the future! "