Discovering Noto

Noto is an important and beautiful city of world famous for its monuments and baroque buildings, made virtually all at the same time after a strong earthquake in 1693. It is no coincidence that Noto was included as a World Heritage Unesco. The city is a goal must for all tourists have in mind for a tour, full of monuments to visit. They are the Church of San Francisco, built by Sinatra, along with Benedictine Monastery (which is the church of Santa Chiara), which mark the main square of the height Noto of Noto architecture, with the characteristic staircase leading to the beautiful cathedral. Whenever Somatic Experiencing listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The interior of the cathedral, unfortunately severely damaged by the collapse of the dome and the nave in 1996, restoration was completed in 2007. Right in front of the cathedral is the City Hall (Palacio Ducezio) and the bishop's palace.

The upper part of the city, also splendid, offers Crocifisso Church (the Gagliardi), which you can admire the famous Madonna of the Snow Laurana. Of particularly important addition to the churches are some of the noble palaces of Noto Nicolaci Palazzo, Palazzo Trigona, Palazzo Astuto that best represent the splendor and beauty of this lovely part of Sicily. There are many tourist events distributed throughout the year, deserve special mention patron saint celebrations, Corrado Confalonieri, mid-February, and spring Baroque, which is held in the city in late May. On the outskirts of the city, a few kilometers from Noto is the ancient city, rich center in Roman times and very important in the Middle Ages, completely destroyed by an earthquake. The old city remains are in fact poorly protected and not available for tourism, are almost entirely covered by vegetation. Another Eloro important archaeological site, founded by Syracuse in the seventh century BC.

All remains important historical and cultural, have been transferred to the Museo Civico di Noto. About 5 years now is growing in a decisive manner the amount of tourism, every day are discovering the architectural beauties of the city that can be defined as the true and ultimate baroque city completely. It remains one of the lesser known places in Sicily vacation stop, which makes it still viable and fully appreciated in high season. It must be said, however, that sleeping is better to go to Noto Marina best equipped in hospitality and services. Not miss the walks in the taverns of Noto, in search of sweets and delicacies that do not betray the expectations, as elsewhere in Sicily. remains one of the more obscure stop holiday in Sicily, which makes it still viable and fully appreciated in high season. It must be said, however, that sleeping is better to go to Noto Marina best equipped in hospitality and services. Not miss the walks in the taverns of Noto, in search of sweets and delicacies that do not betray the expectations, as elsewhere in Sicily.


Envy pointed out the virtues of the envied, and the desvirtudes of the envious. Globalization is a fact, where all countries are involved in different ways that significantly influence the cultural, economic, political, social, education, technological. Therefore, it is an issue that cannot be avoided, should be taken into account by management in order to guarantee the company under their charge, a participation favourable, taking into account the opportunities that arise, threats, weaknesses and strengths. Be considered, that in the last twenty-five years of the century twenty and beginning of the 21st, there have been three revolutions. These revolutions occurred in transport, communications, and finance. Globalization is the result these revolutions. Globalization can be understood from two points of view: 1. at the macro level, can be defined as the result of a historical process that promotes change towards a model of market economy in which there are no barriers to international trade and a social cohesion takes place.

2. At the micro level, it is the result of a growth in the use of flexible forms of production which tend an international application instead of a national one. It is known that there was a first wave of globalization from the late 1800s until the first world war. The second wave of globalization is that we are living. It starts then it breaks or collapses the Berlin wall by putting an end to the era called the cold war. Now the world is not faced by ideological reasons, nor military, confrontation is by the conquest of markets and by the conquest of knowledge, within a global or planetary vision that is facilitated thanks to the revolution of information technology and communications. The truth, which is essential to understand the impact of globalization on the three most important aspects of development: social, to determine how a social balance in this new progress of humanity towards the conquest of new goals in this new society which is society can be achieved in the knowledge.

Independent Military Medical Examination

After the entry into force of provisions for an independent military-medical examination (hereinafter – VVE), our clients are often asking questions about it "useful" a regulatory act. Deserves attention widely deployed in the campaign on the Internet, with respect to promoting "independence" of expertise, and its "usefulness" for the draftees and their parents. Some sources, as well as emerging and "health" of the organization offering this "service" portrayed as some kind of independent VVE panacea for military service. In this article we will analyze this situation and find out how useful it is, and whether its use inductee to release from military service on medical grounds. For a start it should be noted that in accordance with paragraph 8 of the independent VVE, this examination is carried out at the request of the citizen. In this case, the application of an independent VVE include a copy of the conclusion of the military-medical commission, duly certified. Moreover, according to Russian laws, the military-medical commission have no right and no VVE spend on recruits.

Military-medical examination is carried out military medical commissions only to military personnel. For recruits conducted a medical examination, which is not have a concept of identity VVE. Moreover, examination of recruits under Art. 05.01 Federal Law "On Military Duty and Military Service," by a doctor, guiding the work of medical examinations, rather than military medical commissions. Thus, the recruit can not legally apply for an independent VVE. If an independent VVE is still somehow held for recruits, it is easy can be recognized by the court or military enlistment offices illegal because to the application for an independent VVE was accompanied by a copy concluding military-medical commission, duly certified, to get recruits is not can, in principle, because is not the military.