Social Obligations

Our people I the tired one to only tell this maratona to you, are worse still have the eventual social obligations as for example: anniversaries, marriages, pan tea, of drinks and now of new house etc, as well as I have that to make the nails all week, to take care of of the hair with cut and others to each 2 months, beyond are clearly to spend some weekly hours in the session of lymphatic draining, and priore would have to make some physical activity, however I do not have time or courage for this, that mante I have also brought up to date me with the local and national reporters daily, beyond keeping a brought up to date literary reading with the bestseller of the life, after all I am antenada woman and I keep a holistic knowledge to be able to survive to the cruel world. Ei people, pear, not yet I finished, I am also heart mother, of pretty cadelinha, total ruined, that requires a certain attention, daily kisses and many affections, chamegos diverse, preparation at least a daily meal of it, that always it is the coffee of the morning, I give weekly banns, clean ears etc, have that daily to verify my email, keep two, beyond msn, orkut, face book, and eventually site of among others fteis shoes, to put useful. Added to everything this I am the age also demands me a certain attention in the appearance, yes I am vain person and very, and from there I have that to be, if who does not go to want to eat a lazy crown, plus a thing I assumed, my white hair, ei already them young chicken more does not make two years, consequently has collections the favor and against, it is many explanations. This everything is the life, you tired, however duly incased in this said life contemporary, loving and eventually being loved, with a certain quality of life and being HAPPY..