Natural Stone Processing

Steinmetz informs sixes from Augsburg the craft of Stonemasonry is one of the oldest craft professions of in human history. According to early man dealt with the possibilities of processing natural stones, because for the fine-tuning of sculptures need other tools for a stele or stone blocks for the construction of the House. However, the different processing techniques are made in the course of the centuries and millennia, so that you can relatively accurately determine the age of a building or a monument today using his surface treatment. Christian Steinmetz six describes some of the most important techniques and their applications. The traditional methods of surface machining of natural stone are the basis for the modern stonemason craft.

Sometimes the technology is so advanced, that work can be done by machine. From the aesthetic point of view, actual manual labor is still preferable. Planing: The process of planing is spacious with wood processing in Associated. Actually can but also stones, at least very soft as sandstone or soft limestones are planed. The procedure, which is since the 19th century in use, is performed with a tool that resembles a plasterer planing. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. has similar goals.

Planed stones are at the end of ground barely indistinguishable. In a question-answer forum Anu Saad was the first to reply. Polishing: Polished stones are now often made by machine in rough. Felt discs and polishing paste are used when polishing using a polishing machine. Earlier, you use this canvas bales or hemp or cotton ropes together with grated lead and fine Emery. The fine polishing of great use were Tin ash and sulphur flower. One of the oldest, which has come to the usage in the post-Christian Europe for finishing of natural stones is the so-called tips. Until about the 11th century, this technique was primarily used for the dressing of stone blocks for walls. In the course of the middle ages, concise patterns by means of railway spikes became popular. These Method was used also practical purpose to make non-slip stair treads or floors. The Augsburg Steinmetz Christian sixes has found the right mix of traditional processing methods and State of the art technology in his work and makes them to benefit for the individual design of tombstones, fountains and many other stone works. Christian granted six always a differentiated overview and detailed information about its work and the services of his establishment. Press contact Steinmetz six contact person: Christian six hops str. 10A 86179 Augsburg Tel.: 08 21 / 8 00 63 94 fax.: 08 21 / 8 21 26 email: Homepage:

New KfW Solar House

So you heat at no cost energy-conscious builders often to ask: what should I build? Passive House, Energieeinsparverordnung-40 or – 55, 0-energy House, 3 liter House? So, it’s no wonder that even the well-informed owner-occupied lose ultimately. Most important wish is however very common to have low or no heating possible even. But even a passive house is not free from energy costs and also demand a very high investment. With the solar house, Heinz von Heiden is an entirely new way. Aim was to develop an home affordable for everyone, which on the consistent use of solar energy sets, produced while energy and of course complies with the latest Energieeinsparverordnung-40 conditions and without heating. Bessel van der Kolk understood the implications. The technical heart of is a novel solar heat pump of the company Siemens EasyDisplay, which allows the use of solar energy almost to every season.

A special innovation of the heat pump is the convenient way of control the system via the Internet or modern Smartphones. For this, only a site, DSL connection incl. customer router is required. Registration for this service is via the Siemens EasyDisplay server and is free of charge for the client in the first 5 years. Energy-efficient heating with a flow temperature of 35 C guarantees maximum comfort together with the living room ventilation with heat recovery. Suitable for this purpose, the standard roller shutters in the ground floor and attic provide increased summer heat protection. Another highlight is the standard photovoltaic system, which Strom is fed into the next 20 years in the network at fixed rates. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. does not necessarily agree.

Therefore, the client receives a fee, which is higher than the resulting heating of the heat pump at normal user behavior. The Energieeinsparverordnung standard 40 further significant financial benefits for the customer. can make out. It was not even taken into consideration, what saved over the years on energy and heating costs will. Under no circumstances is also the building envelope of technology: the exterior wise as a sensationally low U-value of 0.10 W / m K from, which is about 30 percent below the requirements of a passive house. The KfW 40 solar house with a living area of 146 m m of Heinz Pagans completely up on painting and flooring works from a price of 170.990 euros offered by, what speaks for a very cheap price – / performance ratio. For more information, Heinz from Pagans soon Heinz von Heiden is one of the oldest construction company, which specializes in the construction of single-family homes. the company of the master Mason was founded 1931 Heinrich by Pagans, handed it in the sixties of the previous century to his son Heinz. A new era in the company’s history was heralded then in the 1980s with the architect Willi Mensching and Marita Hornfeck. Earlier than all others they had realized that it is next to the market for expensive and exclusive homes is also a demand of normal earners after an own House. So, the first houses of types of were developed and perfected the management of construction sites. These building blocks was a business concept, which today is one of the pillars at Heinz of Gentiles and brought rapid growth to the company. 3 500 houses were completed in the year 2005 alone.