Breast Augmentation

Clearly, alcohol is also not to be present in the body. Operation Operations are conducted under mammoplasty general anesthesia and lasts, depending on the type of surgery ranges from 1.5 to 4 hours. Augmentation Mammoplasty (Breast) Augmentation mammoplasty is usually done to increase breast size, improving its shape and give elasticity. It may also be conducted for the correction of breast asymmetry or atrophy postlaktatsionnoy, that is, reducing sagging breasts and the postpartum period. Other leaders such as Institute of Medicine offer similar insights. The implants vary in shape, size, texture of the shell and filler. The material from which the shell is made implant is extremely tight in the gap and pressure, and a special gel filler provides long-term preservation of the form and creates a sense of natural fabric.

Such implants may be in the body for more than 15 years, after which they can be replaced with new ones. Incision can be placed either under the breast, the areola, or in the armpit. The cut choose a surgeon with the patient, discussed and argued surgeon. Also, depending on individual anatomical features of the implant can be placed either between the gland and the pectoral muscle or under the pectoral muscle. The nipple and areola are usually increased in proportion to the size of the new breast. Most often, cosmetic surgery suturing the cut ends without drainage. Implants usually reduces these operations Reduction mammoplasty include (hypertrophy of mammary glands) and mastopexy (breast lift for ptosis). There are many methods of operations. Breast reduction is often associated with braces.