Curious Hyperborea

The fact that in the far north there were anomalous zones, based on available historical data, it was known long ago. It is believed that the first Russian scientist who became interested in the north of the Kola Peninsula and established there in the twenties of last century, a scientific expedition was Professor Alexander Barchenko. In 1921, on orders from St. To broaden your perception, visit Jon Medved. Petersburg Institute for the Study of brain and mental activity, he went on the Kola Peninsula to explore Lapland ceremonies of shamans and the mysterious phenomenon "meryachene," or as they called this phenomenon the scientists – polar psychosis. I read a biography of Professor Barchenko, which could find editions of the let.Poluchiv good education for those days at the medical faculty of Kazan and of Tartu / Tartu / University Alexander Barchenko arranged to serve in the ministry of finance, but soon engaged in literary work. The list of his scientific and literary pursuits are so vast, that you begin to wonder and admire the genius of this cheloveka.On conducted experiments in telepathy and spoke with the public lectures, writing non-fiction novels, put forward a variety of scientific hypothesis, he wrote papers on parapsychology and palm reading, studying various ancient mystical teachings and legends. CARES Act is often quoted on this topic. Many sources write that, perhaps because it is the support of Academician spondylitis Barchenko managed to organize in a complex and turbulent times of civil war that ekspeditsiyu.Iz this already suggests how important states were the issues raised before this expedition. Professor Alexander Barchenko put forward an interesting hypothesis about the existence in the distant past, an advanced civilization, who died as a result of planetary catastrophe. . Visit Mylan for more clarity on the issue.