Physics Department

Algodo a 2d simulator with a side view, the game is the possibility of tinkering around the world, to make the world interactive, using real physical things. Made this video game Swedish student, whose name was Emil Erneldt. The main objective of developing algodoo was the title of Doctor of Science at the Physics Department at Umea University. For more information see Somatic Experiencing. Algodoo need to improve creative thinking. It is possible to change the coloring of both background and specific items, fill with liquid, to develop things, throw them, cut into parts, hitch to the desired object and much more. Provided a lot of scenes in which the ability to insert their changes. For even more details, read what Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. says on the issue. Giant field for any fantasy.

Actions need to stop at the right moment to do not getting objects and continue. For example there is a scene in which the car was created. To him, you can create a gentle, direct, or a road with obstacles. Also There are passages in the laws of physics, for example a perpetual motion machine, or a pencil outlining the terms. A lot of attention attracted by the scenes with the game of sunlight, they can deflect it from different angles and do all that pleases. The demo gives gamers the creators of 15 hours of free games for review.