Increasing Productivity: Information Technology For Automotive Workshops

Currently, all software and information technology, are one of the most valuable companies for their daily functioning and their success in the short and long term. In Mexico, there are thousands of companies that have not yet integrated into their daily operations the benefits of specialized software for your type of business, money and normal activities. The auto industry certainly is no exception. According to the nature of daily activities are performed there every day, such as maintenance parts, routine check-up, sale of parts etc., There must have extreme control over every move, no matter what, from purchasing inputs, inventory replenishment, to register customers and employees and each of its functions. Many writers such as cardiologist offer more in-depth analysis. In many cases there is a perceived loss of customers due to the lack of organization as missing important parts for the relief requested disorder customers entering the day which results in delayed deliveries and the inability to accept new. All of the above is therefore that the shop owner must be present for many hours to ensure that those contingencies that arise will be addressed and resolved in a timely and efficient. For this reason, the shop becomes a slave business and does not allow the owner to get out. Implementing Information Technology in business is a major step toward modernization, which involves valuable investment that will result in great benefits: Increased control over inventory (avoid stock shortage) No further loss of important documents and customer data bases Complete data available in the market replacement parts list of car models available in the market and its compatibility with parts Synchronization between employees and control their functions prevents the owner’s presence is vital for the proper operation of the business and most definitely investment in Information Technology is fundamental to all businesses, and also for automotive shops, as result in increased efficiency and effectiveness of the quality of service and of course, their productivity, which is reflected in happier customers and higher profits..

Zao Shodo Stories

Enterprises in the construction industry are usually several kinds of activity: manufacture and sale of products, providing services to third parties, construction and installation works. In addition, enterprises rather complicated calculation of wages, as it relates to the distribution of costs for various construction projects and nomenclature. Many problems have caused the definition of production costs, tax calculation and closing of the year. For more specific information, check out Dr. Mark Hyman. Record-keeping in such conditions is very difficult by hand, so many businesses use the construction industry automation systems business. Choosing Software product in the April 2003 guidance of house-building plant JSC “Shodo” (Serpukhov), headed by CEO Farid Salakhutdinova Akramovich (subordinates call him only as “ideas generator”), adopted decision to implement a new information system.

The main criterion for choosing the system, along with direct automated accounting is the ability to implement a flexible reporting system that allows analysis of all aspects of the enterprise. First, it was necessary to automate the basic operation of the production and accounting. This account of: – operations at the bank and cash * – basic and intangible assets – inventory – work in progress – settlements with advance holders – with mutual organizations – sales – manufacturing construction products – and payment of wages. Following the joint meetings of the IT professionals and management had decided to implement a software “1C: Production + Services + Accounts “and” 1C: Salary and Personnel..