The man was in house in plus one day tranquilo as the other days of recess of the work, where he all dedicated to its time its woman and son, however today is one day special, its son makes anniversary and everything was programmed with antecedence for a small familiar party that will happen at night. While it attended the local periodical that spoke on the escape of two meliantes police that it suspected are in the neighboring quarter it counted to the hours pra to be able to go to search its filhinha in the school. The clock that seems is not to its side delays in counting to its tic – tac, then it decided disconnect the TV and to leave until the next square its house and to wait the hour to catch its son, therefore it did not want to see things bad, because it was one day happy, badly could believe that victory made five years, seemed to have behind been to one day when it heard its loved wife saying that she was pregnant, badly could contain the emotion of the moment, happiness that was duplicate when during the pregnancy of risk of the wife that if she approached to losing the child gave everything certainty in the end, except for the fact that never more it will be able to have a son again, the dream to have many children was even so, but the happiness in having a pretty and healthful child and accompanying and wonderful wife completed the happiness of the man who if says a luck man. The clock marks dezessete hours, the moment to see its son arrived, and with a smile in the face and joy in the heart the safe man in the hand of its son and it takes pra house where its wife waits anxious. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn gathered all the information. After leaving the two more important people of its life in house and security it goes to the meeting of the friend whom he intends to invite for singela, however waited party of anniversary of its princesinha. Some hours later the o to arrive in house the man are surprised by a racket and an enormous movement in its house. In way to madness moment it to see to it ambulances, policemen and some popular ones that one met there, when it is surprised by a reporter that initiates a series of questions that it badly makes idea of as answering, until he is boarded for a policeman who says to have received a linking confirming the presence from two dangerous outlaws who had invaded that residence. The man if despairs and asks for its wife and son, at this moment the policeman places the hand in its shoulder and starts to speak that everything this was a fatality, but the man already listening more does not swim taken for pain and the incredulity that is happening. After one minutes of colloquy it enters in house and power to witness the scene most horrible of its life, its lying woman and son covered by blood that marked the cruelty of that they had invaded its residence, on of the table could be seen cakes, salty and all the other item of a scene that would be a party, but that it changedded itself into a police scene. Today ten years later if he could only see the man who had if transformed into one he appears pathetic and without life, now known by all as maluco of street fifteen.

Age Mills

this is its more certain name. They know that it is not fighting that it is obtained to earn. The wind is captivated by this soft, sensual caress; it is gotten passionate and it asked for to be there liveing. But soon the encantamento if undoes, the shovels goes turning and the wind slides for is of the cloth, leaves lamenting its disillusion and if it loses in the plain, to the perpetual search of one another one, improbable shelter. The people of created there, with patience the persistence, long edges, that had withheld the sea and had created new fields. But the sea is capricious and wild; tries the time all, in a repeated battle and without end, to reconquer the space that they had stolen to it. In polders that thus these fields are called miracle – the mills are immense giants, protect that and guarantee them its life. The turn of its shovels, incessant when it has only one has exactly taken spring breeze, puts into motion bombs primitive, that return to the sea the time all the invading waters.

If they stopped, the battle would be lost; because the sea, always to the watch, would violate the borders and would retake what he is its. The old mills work slowly removing water, kneading supreme and counting old histories. When we liveed there, all the nights we heard a different history. As this: It was the year of 1650; it appeared for those bands a group of happiness soldiers; they were strong and briguentos men and they became vacant for the Europe to the search of one gentleman which to serve. They used you to extend its lands, to fortify its domnios, to charge the taxes and to keep the peace between the vassal peasants. In the mill Roxanne liveed, Age an adolescent of long blond braids, great and blue eyes, who lived white of flour, therefore worked, as well as the entire family, in the milling.