Corisco was untied for the grass the sire a beautiful horse half blood of race Wide Sleeve, colored color, high and imponent, its to whinny half echoed for the winds and the mare Sapphire blood Wide, white, tame Sleeve and with sufficiently expressive eyes. Visit James S. Chanos for more clarity on the issue. It was spring and the two ran free for the grass of our small farm and namoravam. With passing of the time we perceive that the Sapphire was a little more gordinha because she was pregnant. He would give creates a youngling and we were anxious to know if he would be born a female or a male. We dedicate to special attention it, beyond satiated feeding.

Vitamins mixed to the ration, sufficiently water and vaccines to protect it and also to the baby. We leave to mount it not to force it and creates not to harm it. After eleven months of prenhez, in late rainy one, the Sapphire if nestled in low of a tree in the grass and gave creates to one potrinho male that the name was born in the way of the storm and to who demons of Thunder half of rain and we commemorated the birth of our first filly. After the birth, the Sapphire licked many times its youngling and it started suck first milk, called colostro that he is rich in imunizantes vitamins and substances against illnesses. After suck sufficiently the Thunder it assayed to be in foot, with its still well weak legs and without much motor coordination, it cambaleou and it fell to the soil receiving the affection from its mother who was always to its side and time or pushed it to another one with the snout to make to walk it. Thus they had been our days in the small farm, following the first steps of the Thunder, its tumbles and its first arts. It was born with a dark, brown pelagem and with a white spot well in the way of the face, with the time they had been changing for them of color and it he was more clearly, in tone caramel. It had smart eyes and he was very curious, everything it wanted to see of close and he was always observed for its mother, to who appealed when he was scared with something.

It was growing and also he together with ran for the grass its father Corisco and its mother Sapphire. Thunder, as well as all child, liked to make pranks. Thunder grew and if it became a pretty horse, high and imponent as the father, obedient bellwether and as its mother. My children had taught the Thunder to trot, to march, to ride and it became an excellent friend.

Age Mills

this is its more certain name. They know that it is not fighting that it is obtained to earn. The wind is captivated by this soft, sensual caress; it is gotten passionate and it asked for to be there liveing. But soon the encantamento if undoes, the shovels goes turning and the wind slides for is of the cloth, leaves lamenting its disillusion and if it loses in the plain, to the perpetual search of one another one, improbable shelter. The people of created there, with patience the persistence, long edges, that had withheld the sea and had created new fields. But the sea is capricious and wild; tries the time all, in a repeated battle and without end, to reconquer the space that they had stolen to it. In polders that thus these fields are called miracle – the mills are immense giants, protect that and guarantee them its life. The turn of its shovels, incessant when it has only one has exactly taken spring breeze, puts into motion bombs primitive, that return to the sea the time all the invading waters.

If they stopped, the battle would be lost; because the sea, always to the watch, would violate the borders and would retake what he is its. The old mills work slowly removing water, kneading supreme and counting old histories. When we liveed there, all the nights we heard a different history. As this: It was the year of 1650; it appeared for those bands a group of happiness soldiers; they were strong and briguentos men and they became vacant for the Europe to the search of one gentleman which to serve. They used you to extend its lands, to fortify its domnios, to charge the taxes and to keep the peace between the vassal peasants. In the mill Roxanne liveed, Age an adolescent of long blond braids, great and blue eyes, who lived white of flour, therefore worked, as well as the entire family, in the milling.