Men With Dresses

One night Ana dreamed dressed as a bride with a long, long and soft veil made of cloud, she felt magnificent inside an amorphous space. Suddenly Ana was already surrounded by hundreds of men dressed in wedding also. She began to give spins on its axis, as this to see better all men/girlfriend, fumbled a bizarre laughter and asked a non-existent band to play. All brides, including it, danced twist without stopping until he woke up. He tried to find the meaning of this dream so bizarre. He asked some friends and they did not do more than laugh, there was one who advised him to go with some expert in dreams or a seer. Some told him that it was a bad omen that I would never know which man choose, others told him that he would perhaps have doubts about his romantic preferences, but Ana only laughed and their unique belief was that his imagination was great and your brain a rogue who loved to play all kinds of nocturnal jokes.

Several years later Anne met the love of your life and you He told this dream so rare and obvious that they decided to marry all the guests, not only men but women men bride and groom, were with wedding dresses. No matter whether elegant or not, if provided, if sent to do or rented, but everyone complied with the dress code for the wedding. In the center of the track hundreds of brides danced haunted just like in the dream of Ana, becoming the best omen of a new life full of fun and dreams to be fulfilled. Ana looked surrounded those brides and transported to a dreamlike moment where ell dreams she dreams that you dream of and no time is the reality. Original author and source of the article..

Diets Are Health

For many people making diet can become something much more than a way to find a figure slim and attractive, since being overweight can really be a health problem, which can even put your life at risk, limiting its capacity for day-to-day activities and lead you to a State of depression and insecurity. There are many famous diets, such as the Dukan diet, but the most important thing when starting a diet plan is doing so based on indications of a practitioner of medicine and nutrition. There’s that clarify that not all diets are made to lose weight, since there may be cases in which a person need a special diet for retrieves some kilos and achieve its appropriate according to their body weight. No matter what type of diet may need to make a person, it is important that its power is based on a diet of proteins and vitamins that can provide a person the energy needed in order to have a healthy and normal daily activity. The feed based on a diet of protein, vitamins and healthy foods can help that a person might prevent future digestive, nutritional and health problems. There are many famous diets that are highly used by thousands of people around the world, but the truth is that it is must be special care with this type of diet, since in most of the times a misuse of a diet can generate a completely opposite to the desired effect, and also cause diseases or health problems. When you start a diet it is good to do some this scientifically supported and approved by medical institutes, and nutrition, as for example the Dukan diet, the Atkins diet or any diet of protein supported by