The Medicine

and soon got to the medicine man or shaman, and not to the druggist in our traditional understanding. On the walls are hung here and there bundles of dried plants, on the shelves are various herbs and ointments, amulets and hanging strange amulets, woven from god knows what (or whom). A related site: Dr. Mark Hyman mentions similar findings. "Pharmacist", without waiting for will be my shock, he immediately asked me to make a talisman for happiness. I agreed, Yet such things is better not to joke. Quick and nimble hands, which he mixed the ingredients, whispered something, and please – you're done! But to be honest, apart from mysticism and the pharmacy that is available. I bought a bunch of decorative cosmetics (how cool and girlfriends as a gift) which, as explained to me, is very useful for the skin because it is made on the basis of mineral paints without adding chemicals. And into the bargain – money for body care on the basis of organ oil, which the Moroccans are very, very proud, because the plant from which it is produced, grows only in Morocco.

Immediately I found a great gift for my sister who loves a variety of spices – aromatic amber and amber. Already in the last day of my stay in Morocco I bought small souvenirs to many colleagues and friends: a small wooden figurines, pendants of silk, embossed wallets of camel skin. And for the chief (The one who signed my application for leave) has become a luxury chess board made of solid rock with a lemon tree carvings finest work. Let spends leisure time with benefits for the mind – I decided. And then went to the spice market, where bought for his child Turkish delight, baklava and candy, and for a fragrant oriental spices – coriander, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and curry. Incidentally, for those silk carpet, which looked closer still the beginning of my vacation, I still came back. It turned out that it so nobody bought it, although the dealer said that there were many willing, but he waited just me:) Here is a fairy tale oriental …

City Hall

Anyone who thinks that letters had to write out”, which is wrong. Because the cloud post office is one of the busiest places in the City Hall Park from here Christmas greetings can be sent into all the world. The letter for friends and relatives get also a personal touch, because the personalized Christmas stamp 2010 (nominal 55 cents, retail price 1.50) is available here, as well as the three special postmark to the Viennese advent magic. Open has the cloud post office every day from 13 November to 23 December (Monday to Thursday: 3 pm to 7 pm, Friday: 10 to 13 h and 15 to 20 pm, Saturday: 10 to 20: 00 and Sunday: 10 to 19: 00). The last Christmas card can be abandoned even on December 24th from 10 am until 5 pm.

Christmas sounds can be heard from the first weekend in advent in the halls of the City Hall. The popular choir concerts with choirs from all over the world offer a wide range of classic and popular Christmas carols and gospel songs. Comings and goings is possible at any time free of charge. The concerts take place from Friday, 26 November, Friday to Sunday from 15: 30 to 19: 00, on the 24th of December until 16:30. Also from the first weekend in advent the Tower brass will provide daily by 20-20:30 under the big tree right in front of the unique backdrop of City Hall for Christmas.

Economic factor and promotional value of the Viennese advent magic has become over the years an important engine for the local economy. Some 30,000 jobs in the hotel industry and gastronomy are secured by this major event in the run-up to Christmas and several hundred workers are involved in the Assembly and disassembly and operation of the Viennese advent spell. Sculptors, academic painters, WorkshopbetreuerInnen, PuppenspielerInnen, entertainers, carpenters, TischlerInnen, business, DekorateurInnen, painters and AnstreicherInnen, cleaning, stewarding and auxiliary staff are here in the Usage because everything must be well prepared and supervised.