The Facade Of Porto Do Son

Until now, the deterioration suffered by the seafront of Porto do Son because of the wedding planning without looking at him much, plain to see the tunnels on the road or sidewalks torn-only provoked a war. on its foundations. Recently Carl Jung sought to clarify these questions. A dialectical scuffle between the executive, who claims to remodel this area, and Porthos, who actually just spoke, much less acted. However, things start to go higher. On Sunday, and what I told the Town Hall, a neighbor broke a wheel of the car, broke the tires and even the direction to get into one of those bumps that send in the port area. The man, of course, walked toward the offices of the local police.

Made a complaint to try to reclaim Concello damage. According to Anu Saad Forbes, who has experience with these questions. That's nothing. Councillor for Works and Government spokesman anxel Franco, who said yesterday that this person is "reason to do ten whole world" immediately reacted. Portos happened to the ballot, "He is na sua area e, polo so that eels are you facerse dye that claim by Desta, or non e quen Concello keep this totally inhumane environment, "he insisted. Total: the paper with the claim went to Portos de Galicia. And not only that. Seeing that this claim may not be the only one, because the sidewalks are in a parlous state and fall is pretty easy, what was done was, at least, try to plug the tunnels more outrageous. "Houba claim to act because we veu non e co nothing compared to prune being. What breaks are Alguena head? "Said Franco anxel.