the family

Ramon, who transported us to another world very different solution where everything was, you could see the rosy environment, and to log the conversation in which all our spiritual development we discussed during the meeting and we felt, was beautiful, it was there where the batteries recharged us to continue our daily life, in order to provide assistance to the family, peers, our students, etc. By analyzing my current domestic situation, I realize that the expertise has helped me focus my life and recognizing the constraints that make me suffer, I myself think situations in which I usually always turn out badly, because I always want to make things perfect and if not I martyred myself, otherwise it always I imagine the other things that supposedly are thinking of me, but usually are not good things, but on the contrary that is why I dare not speak for what people will say or do the same activities. But thanks to this master I am aware of these weaknesses, but my real strength is the hope of overcoming them. Sometimes I feel that I give great steps forward but then I get the fear and step back. But I know I’m on the right path to liberation from all those ties that will not let me move, I know that within me there is a human being wanting to live freely without constraints of any kind. Today my priorities in life are to know and go slowly where I am, helping my family to go ahead, give myself to my students to develop a comprehensive manner.