The King

He is of this man (Gideo) that one observes three indispensable qualities so that the call of God is materialize in our life. Courage: Gideo had courage, the proper God by means of its Angel of the certification of it, ' ' you valente&#039 is with you man; ' , even so he was threshing wheat in the place of espremer grapes to foil the midianitas, however it was the only one of its family to be searching food. Its courage was observed in its totality after God to speak with it. Read more here: Doctor Jayme Albin. The first task of Gideo as liberating chosen by God was to remove the cause of the idolatria of Israel, that is, to knock down the altar of Baal and to cut the forest, a cult object that represented the cananita goddess Aser. Necessary god of men and women with courage who believe the power is in God and not in them. At the moments that we are attacked by the enemy questioning: How you say that she serves the God and she is suffering in such a way, if God is with you because you are dismissed, because this fight in its life, because this problem in its marriage, because these crises in its ministry? He is at this moment that we must show that we have courage the sufficient to give the return over the crises and to prove by means of our attitudes that God is with us.

Former: Davi was ungido by Samuel and came back to the field toward its calm life. Until the Golias giant to enter in its life and to prove its courage. The giant was necessary to enter in its life for the king call if to materialize in its life, therefore from there in ahead it did not rest more and was recognized for the nation of Israel and was direct to the palace.