The Medicine Propaganda

how much to the validity stated period, the interviewed ones had informed that all meet inside of the date of validity, however when asked on the sales forms all had answered that fracionados vendem, and as they can verify the date of validity of a medicine that had its cellophane cut in pieces? The pharmacies need a series of authorizations and license to function as local of medicine sales, however the visited places did not have no authorization to function as peddling of medicine, much less had received visits from the ANVISA. FINAL CONSIDERAES Know that this type of irregular, common commerce has decades in Brazil, continues existing, as well as attempts of groups interested in the release of the sales by means of maneuvers legal politics and. We would like to stand out that in this briefing study we did not have the pretension of depletes question proposal, therefore this would well more demand a deepened analysis. We know that very still it has to say, and our inquiries continue. What we present in this work they are certainly first of many the other comments that still we will be able to make. Our main concern was to show to the population information regarding the irregularities practised in these places (comcios) and to become recognized the prejudicao the health. Therefore our general objective was to verify if these medicines vendidos in inapropriados places are in accordance with the current law. We use for better resulted research of field bibliographical.

We observe that the medicine was transformed into merchandise and is being vendido of as such. Thus the only ones benefited of this practical are the great laboratories, that each time more vende more and profits more. REFERENCES COTRIM, Maria Dulce F. Medicines Citizens the Medical Prescription Are not Of Pharmacies. Coimbra, 2006. Available in: scContentDeployer_pt/docs/doc2273.pdf. Access in: 17 of out.

of 2010. BIRTH, Alvaro. Medicines Are the Main Cause of Poisoning For Toxic Agents in Brazil. Available in: . Access in: 17 of out. 2010. SAINTS, H.C. ; RIBEIRO, R.R. ; etal. Possible Medicamentosas Interactions With Psicotrpicos Found In Patients Of the Zone East Of So Paulo. So Paulo, 2009. Available in: viewFile/546/878. Access in: 17 of out. of 2010. EXTEMPORANEOUS, Jose Gomes. The Medicine Propaganda and the Myth of the Health. Rio De Janeiro: Graal, 1886. ZUBIOLI, Arnaldo. Profession: druggist: now? Curitiba: Scientific Lovise, 1992. APPENDIX QUESTIONNAIRE ON MEDICINES VENDIDOS OUTSIDE OF PHARMACIES 1) Of where comes its medicines? 2) That type of medicines is vendido in this establishment? 3) The most looked which? 4) Exists the responsible druggist? 5) Where these medicines are stored? 6) The same ones were in the stated period of correct validity? 7) Exists some authorization for the sales of these medicines? 8) You receive visits from the sanitary monitoring? 9) How are displayed the medicines for sale? 10) The sales are made in closed or fracionadas boxes? 11) Which the destination given to medicines when loosers? ASSENT TERM I ___________________________________ authorize the spreading of the data yielded in this questionnaire, but I do not allow the spreading of my name, name of my commercial establishment or the address of the same.