The Stress Of The Feng Shui

Method for more harmony leads people to more stress also in our culture the Feng Shui is increasingly to be found. It has crept noiselessly into the Western esotericism and light work and has established itself there in other areas of society. Feng Shui is a from China system to ensure the harmonisation interiors in flats and houses. This system can be applied already in the building design and architecture. Basis of Feng Shui is the idea that the energy in homes, buildings or even in the garden to flow freely.

Here the establishment wrong would be aligned, so the flow of energy could be blocked. So you sure in the Feng Shui, for example, that avoids corners and sharp edges and prevail instead of curved, round shapes. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as JCI by clicking through. Otherwise, as the philosophy behind it, positive energies could be distracted. However, there are now an increasing number of dropouts from the Feng Shui. Because on closer inspection this turns out to System as occultism. The Qi (Ki/chi) are based on energy, according to the Chinese philosophy of life energy, which should be available everywhere around us.

The image of God behind infectious is not compatible with the God of the Bible. God is not just an impersonal energy and the source of that power. God is quite different, he is the loving and personal God who meets us in Jesus Christ. In God’s Word, indicate that there is any hidden, magical forces that man must track by geomancy and esoteric rites, with whose help in harmony anywhere is”to live with themselves and nature. Because here we are in the field of magic. The magic also assumes that people should be able to use items or power for their own purposes. One must speak only a formula and have something happen. This is comparable to the Feng Shui. The man has only a vase (an example to name a few) to the right place and it would harmonise the energies. This leads Meanwhile in many people to a rising stress. Everything must be in place. Alas, something is not correct in its place. This leads users not to harmonise but to strain and overwork. Because harmony is not achieving with such methods. A man can achieve harmony only internally. God does not wish first and foremost that we really make our vases, but that we come to Jesus Christ in the trust. This is the only way that can give a person inner peace and harmony. Eckart Haase