The Time

He is not saved, do not want to, ambulance arrived after his death. Well, maybe so goes the life of such people? Do, you want someone – what a close and loved you man, that’s – so went out of life, with anguish? Do you suffer from impotence because he could not help, that was not with him at this point that your hand is not keep him, no longer the hot hand. Then there were three agonizing days, we have not seen it, ironically, in the morgue fell on weekends. Then day by the coffin, in polushoke, half delirious. All in a daze. I mean only one thing: the Pope did not open their eye, you know, and crying because his arm is why – it is cold, but he does not answer to you does not respond to your words, tears, screams … nothing, and silence …

silence beyond the grave. In such a difficult time favorite was not there, did not feel hot hands of relatives, who at least called them, only sympathy, but my own sobs. The most frightening sound in the world, is the sound of a hammer, nail the coffin … It does not understand only one who did not hear. A feeling that your heart hammered count, but my head is only an echo of taps. An echo of grief, despair and pain. How awful. Worst come to the grave and talk to him, realizing that he no longer responds.

Hard look at the monument, where it photograph in which he is alive, healthy and smiling. Now, when you look at everything with new eyes, you realize that, in principle, nothing about not changed, only you and your attitude to life. And people, as argued, swearing, killing, and argue, quarrel and kill … because they have not experienced this, they do not appreciate life do not realize how happy they are. All this because the world povyaz in routine work, worry, gossip, insults, anger, resentment and boundless hatred! We are drowning in the ocean of this dirty and heat their loved ones, friends and acquaintances. People! I, as a survivor of the mountain, I want to advise you, take care and respect each other, their family, friends, even animals. Think about that one life and we are not immortal, and when we depart from this life to know, and what will remain after us. So, appreciate the time, so little because of the precious moments is our brief little life! What we do not keep, losing, grieve you my dearest father