Ventilation Systems

Efficient energy absorption with ventilation systems 2011, which has a year of superlatives for Gastroplus24 care. Through a new conceptual planning, ranging from the price performance ratio and to the full service management. Special projects, such as the calculation and planning of efficient ventilation systems with heat recovery. Building inspection authorities, municipal authorities, veterinary offices, chimney sweep and fire require the application and observance of regulations and directives, which are partially long whose application and attention but was monitored so far. Here among other things to consider: DIN 1946 VDI 2052 standard equipment for kitchen food hygiene regulation of countries ASR workplaces guidelines guidelines on fire protection technical requirements on ventilation insulation regulations maintenance of RLT DIN 18869-5 for kitchens and restaurant requires building codes of the countries of VDI 6022 a separate supply and exhaust air system, due to the food hygiene Ordinance and is also VDI 2052 a must to avoid subsequent flows of contaminated or polluted air in the kitchen. Even a balanced air balance not enough many veterinary offices. Ask for a 10% overpressure for the kitchen area to protect of the food from pollutants and bacteria. Learn more about this with amit paley.

That the supply of safe environment is to remove and filter sufficiently, is assumed. Now to be able to overlook this the efficiency of a heat recovery system and a ventilation system operating costs, should be a simple computer game. -Guest room 300 m3 for approx. 60-70 people – kitchen with Central hood 1,50 x 2,00 m (or wall hood 3.00 m). Here approximately 3000 m3/h, which is equivalent to a 10 times hourly air exchange, arise according to DIN 1946 for the guest room and according to VDI 2052, also about 3000 m3/h as required air quantity will arise for the kitchen.