Why is water softening it important to? Water for a refreshing sense of life the company CBS is water for 25 years calcium and magnesium deposits in the water on the track. The water descaling systems of series offered this Ecosoft is based on a filtering with ion exchange for the production of soft water. With the water descaling systems by banks & co. can from a household to be prepare lime-free water to all industrial plants. Amriswil, 18.04.2012: Our planet is 72 percent water, the human body to 63 percent and so is water essential for life. But water is not just water. Provided water from waterworks contains usually still too much of lime and magnesium”, said Marcel Breitenmoser, Managing Director of the company CBS water and added: this is visible and palpable every day in the household, such as for example through rough hands, strips on the glasses from the dishwasher or hard towels.

The “Follow for pipes and water appliances in the context of a then often necessary boiler descaling usually come only on if it is already too late”. You may want to visit Dr. Hyun Kim to increase your knowledge. Water decalcification systems can help banks & co. The Ecosoft lead the water to enthartende through a layer of resin in the filtration system, which removes the water lime and magnesium products out of our House, so is soft water, emphasized Marcel Breitenmoser. For this reason, the improvement of the living conditions of human beings and nature in the foreground – quality water treatment through the use of natural regeneration salts winger of banks & co.. This ionization process corresponds to the latest state of the art and is the core competence of the existing 25 years company banks & co.. As one perceives the effects of soft water all over his body. The skin not rough feel after the showers, in addition to feeling faster clean, because the shower through lime water easier and also wash off without leaving any residues. Hair will be silky and shiny, despite the same used hair shampoos.

With the descaling tips from CBS water can you here even help themselves. Because descale a boiler yourself is easier than you think. But in addition, the facilities take economic advantage. The use of water is quickly noticeable also in the budget. The clothing is clean faster, because soft water better absorbs the cleaner and processed, also the clothes stay fresh even longer; the same applies to the use of cleaning agents in the entire budget. Soft water is also a great influence on the longevity of the equipment. A regular boiler descaling is essential. Washing machines, dishwashers, as well as iron to stay longer the budget without limescale deposits. And thus extends not only the longevity of the units measuring and verifiably is also the protection of the environment”, said banks finally. Therefore further inform himself about the Descaling tips on and. Company Description: With over 25 years of tradition the company CBS is water water descaling systems in the Switzerland specialist. With high-quality products and own developments, about 30 employees of CBS offer water service, maintenance and advice from first hand. No matter if households, commercial and industrial enterprises – CBS water helps you obtain the desired water quality.