Wax Melting

If you’re looking for buy low melting wax, Planetdepil – low wax melting for professionals – I recommend.It is a very high quality wax elaborated with microcrystalline waxes, paraffins and waxes from bees.The format is 1 kilo and is available in pink, chocolate, ivory and blue.Best of all apart from their quality – is its fantastic price. From 4,64 euros per bag.The importance of using a low quality melting wax is maximum when it comes to the epilation process. For assistance, try visiting Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. A wax that does not contain paraffin or wax of bees will make waxing not quality, apart from drying out the skin of the client. This type of wax achieves a smooth and effective depilation.To make more pleasant and effective hair removal is essential to use an oil post depilatory that will make that the birth of the hair is slow, in addition to soothe the irritated areas.You can also use hair removal a retardant blister to avoid hair back out so quickly. Apart from being a value-added service with which you can collect more money to your client (you can charge quietly 3 euros) gives a differentiating value to the epilation process.