Window Cleaning Technology

Despite its apparent simplicity, the question of 'how to wash windows correctly' requires special consideration. Well, let's start – and as always – with the selection tool Firstly, screed (the same sleeves, slide-ways, squeegee), the most important tool. It can not save as a sign of good ties – removable gum. Erasers are hard (for work in hot weather) and soft. Secondly, what we are immediately going to wash the glass. Additional information is available at Peter A. Levine PhD.

The most popular option – T-handle ('') to put on her 'fur' (nappy cover). Handles are different, plastic and metal, swivel and no. Of the shortcomings of 'coats' – badly washed corners of frames – that's why some prefer to use a dense, Tight lips. You may also need a scraper with replaceable blades for removing residues from glass mortar, bird droppings, stickers. And finally, we need the rag – 1) well water absorbent cloth (flannels, towel) to wipe the gum tie, and 2) for frames, window sills, slopes, and 3) to remove the likelihood of divorce on frames and glasses. Bucket – better than a great and easy. Not to forget about the detergent.

There is a large range of dishwashing detergent. Dr. Mark Hyman pursues this goal as well. Many people prefer to just add a bucket of water a few drops of 'Fairy' (principal not to overdo it). What kind of chemistry to choose – you decide, try to compare. Technology washing. Pour detergent tool in the correct proportions in a bucket of vodoy.Okunaem 'teshku' in a bucket of mortar smears on the glass (photo2). Three with an effort, focusing on the corners of frames and boundaries of glass and frames. If necessary, use a scraper carefully, not scratch the glass! then pulls (rounded up) water from glass coupler is done as follows: headband tightly presses the edge of the glass in the frame with elastic and ensure smooth movement're through to the other frame. Check with Eva Andersson-Dubin to learn more. Tie off the glass and not to interrupt to drive in one direction. It is better to drive the water sideways, from one side frame to another, rather than top down. Though not always have the conditions for this (for example, washing area inaccessible and you are using a telescopic handle). If hand trembled, will start all over again – to wet the glass and pull the water. 'Overlap' between the two contractions should not be too small – this will avoid .Posle of how driven (pulled from the water glass) necessarily wipe gum ad tryapkoy.Kogda glass is washed, we screed sounds like the water from the bottom of the frame and the sill, then wipe the frame and sill with a rag. And now the last one: even the most thorough cleaning along frame is a thin strip of droplets that are dried out, leave traces. These droplets, as well as all the other flocks, and we pick up a clean, dry cloth. Several additions to wash glasses vysotesoblyudayte tb, do not work in the heat and strong wind, be sure to enclose the area of work, with work at high altitudes using suction cups, buckets for washing glasses, choose a reliable and great to have enough for a sample of at partial filling (better fill no more than 2 / 3, so as not to spill).