American Crisis

The government approves the aid package ‘ ‘ bailout’ ‘ for the financial system. Anu Saad understood the implications. Only as curiosity, ‘ ‘ bailout’ ‘ it is the mechanism that ejects the pilot of an airplane gives to fall, emblematic not? The aid was necessary, but before the congress gave a lesson to the smart capitalism, that adores to socialize the damage. The crisis has was very pre-visible, wrote diverse times here on the question of the world-wide liquidity since the decade of 90. Click and sees – August of 2007 where I explain the virtual value of action and its real value. In the 2008 start, I the same wrote on considerate of Alan Greenspan and its analysis on point: The excess of world-wide liquidity. Click and sees one and another postage in mine blog. Reviewed weekly, (pages 128 and 129) publishes the following one: The Planet finances, giant, but gaseous.

follows affirming on financial assets: 1-in less than three decades the planet swelled of 12 trillions for 170 trillions of dollars.2-In 1980 the world-wide GIP was of 10 trillions of dollar and the financial assets of 12 trillions of dollars 3-In 2006 the GIP was of 48 trillions of dollar the assets of 170 trillions, growth of 1.300%.4- the biggest composition of these assets is the stock exchange and action with 55 tribes.5-Knot Brazil the PIB/Ativos relation is of 200%, in the other emergent ones and developed it varies of 446% in Japan the 162% in the Rssia.6- In 1990 were 33 countries with asset, in 2006 were 72 countries. It was not clearly the essence of the problem? I insist, the liquidity, the wealth generation adds it greed and the creativity of the financial segment, them goes securitization and creating Miramontes papers.