Artificial Intelligence

There are many opinions of scholars on the future of humanity, some of them, in my opinion, very interesting and worth to discuss them. Many pundits, including Vernor Vinge, it is believed that in the near future face of our planet has changed a lot happens sharp leap of progress is so fast that the changes that we believe will require thousands of years, will take place over several years, and even a few days. How can this happen? Here too there are several ways, the first – the invention of artificial intelligence. Hear other arguments on the topic with Mark Hyman, MD. Imagine that science has finally grown to such, imagine that we still teach our computers to think? All because we know that the speed with which even desktop computers, not to mention the supercomputer, able to think – many times the speed with which people are able to think. This would mean that mankind will get a very powerful tool to solve their problems. Source: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Already tondo of human-computer capable of great deeds, now computers are hundreds of times have made us smarter, deliver us from the great work on designing cars and buildings already Now the global computer network solve a lot of problems. Artificial intelligence in a very short time will decide a lot of our problems, will move forward in the progress so far. Think of how to influence mankind the invention of writing, the development of mathematics, discovery of electricity, and the invention of the computer?

All this was a revolution in its time. The invention of artificial intelligence will eclipse them all. However, such a discovery fraught and many dangers. What will happen to us, people? After all, powerful intellect, we may not need, and even most likely not be needed. As a man done to animals, when he became the most intelligent species on the planet? You can, of course, limit the artificial intelligence in different ways. You can get it to serve us. Everyone, for example, known three laws of robotics Asimov. But there is not so simple, not easy to hold the immortal mind, which is thousands of times faster than we think. Imagine, for clarity, locked himself in his own house, where there is only a narrow window through which your “hosts” slip you a problem to solve and get the result. You seem to be locked up and out No, but for a million years of its existence in this house, you almost certainly would have come up with a way to escape, but when you consider that you have a million times faster than you think, what went out “masters” is to outsmart them – no problem, because while they will second, you have – a year. We face a new technological revolution and that we get from her servitude, or the most powerful tool for solving our problems – depends on us.