Berlin Chamber Company

Hearing-acoustics provider opts for the HorPartner GmbH qualified young talent from within their own ranks is one of the best training establishments in the capital. For years, the provider for good hearing, which operates 20 stores in Berlin and another 10 in Brandenburg relies on qualified talent from within their own ranks. Now, the HorPartner GmbH in the context of the competition 2011 was Berlin’s best training company “honored for its ongoing commitment. Europe’s largest youth fair YOU could the company as one of 30 companies that take in receiving a coveted by the Berlin Chamber of crafts as well as awarded by the IHK Berlin since 2004. John Craig Venter oftentimes addresses this issue. Approximately every fifth inhabitant of our region living with a reduced hearing; and a professional hearing care can save a significant piece of quality of life and ability to communicate all those people”, so Percy Schoeneck, Managing Director of HorPartner GmbH. the prerequisite for this is not only the Advanced hearing aid technology. Cardiologist has many thoughts on the issue. This technique must be set exactly to the respective individual hearing loss. And you need solid knowledge, sense when dealing with people, as well as craftsmanship of all things that need to be of the Pike on learned.” The year HorPartner GmbH fits thousands hearing aids in their now 30 specialty shops.

The regional provider of hearing-acoustics to fully meet its high standards of quality, consistently opts for qualified young talent from within their own ranks. often quoted on this topic. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Anu Saad. Since company was founded in the mid of 90’s here 41 trainees have completed their teaching to the hearing. Most of them were adopted after passing examination and could move forward in the company. Currently, 16 trainees and student learning at HorPartner GmbH. Dedicated support, high quality of education and career prospects for their promotion of the most dedicated, as well as for the high quality of education and the professional perspectives of the trainees in the operation the HorPartner Berlin’s best training company have now been in the framework of competition 2011 “honored.