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-Mind-Mapping or map of the mind is an advanced technique of free interplay of ideas that stimulates connections, in the form of Cobweb, which constitutes the way in our brain, that works to increase the capacity of intuition, imagination, understanding and memory, take advantage of the creative thinking and raise productivity, quality and enjoyment of the work, using the brain as a whole under the concept of the whole brain. This technical decision in mind, the way in which the brain copy, manages and stores the information. It is to communicate freely with our brain. The programming of the mind serves to plan any kind of activity and to take notes. It helps to work more creatively, to remember better notes and notes, and to understand more what we study.

Most of us have made a trip to the adventure ever, and it is safest that we have used a map to guide us. Each step we take in this adventure or trip, produces small stories with very clear signals. The landscape at sunset, fish in the bonfire, the fall in the snow, the fire on the beach, the entrance of a village, a historic place, are all signals that are marked by a road map of our mind. If you ever go back to that place, you won’t surely need the paper map, if not with simply displaying in our mind those small stories, will begin to draw the way to follow with their respective signals. Another exercise, we can do, is to visualize our home or Office when we are not the Mr. Jose Miguel Garcia Loos is Advisor and consultant companies, focusing mainly on his job in sales and Marketing, training of personnel of companies, reengineering, Marketing and advertising, also in development projects and international business. It is counter public national of the National University of Comahue and (MBA) master’s degree in business management (mention marketing), conducted various studies and postgraduate courses related to marketing, advertising and development of commercial projects. Blogs related Toyota Service Bulletin Shock Absorber Replacement Criteria Online stores: security and integrity network Rock Financial Group The latest on health reform from human learning to learn in College? Integrity, morality and ethics, applied to the business world Classical 90.5 Human Festival Ground Tvindalert w investigation into Humana, Planet Aid, US’again RegionPS3 Blog Archive want to be a wrestler? At age 67, decided to learn Spanish D244 News Online a rocket launched from Gaza killed a Thai immigrant