Europe Breeder

If you do buy a sphinx for the soul, then take neutered Kid profitable, so you can avoid "surprises" puberty maturing animal and the need to do this operation in the future. In Europe and the U.S. has accumulated years of experience, testifying to the fact that the early castration / sterilization does not have any negative impact on the development of animals, but at an early age kittens are easier to tolerate anesthesia and surgery itself, the healing process goes faster. Wary if the breeder does not interested in who you are, for what purposes are buying a kitten sphinx, in what conditions he would live, if the breeder is willing to sell you do not castrated cat with all the documents without asking too many questions. Kittens reared with love and all the rules – is always full of family members and beloved toddler, so a good breeder is always interested in what conditions will live kitten and takes part in his fate. Pay attention to the number of animals at the same time living in the apartment (house), overcrowding is dangerous occurrence and recurrence of persistent viral and infectious diseases. Never take your kitten before 3 months of age. Mama-cat feeds the kittens to 1,5-2 months, and she also teaches them the basics of behavior: how to eat food and lap up the water, lick, to use the tray, to communicate among themselves. Kittens that grow in the "family" not less than 3 months are more stable psyche, they are better adapted to the environment, easier to adapt to a new home.