The origin of yogurt is a mystery. Some attributed its origin to the ancient peoples who inhabited Tibet and, accordingly, called the Tibetan fungus. In Europe, he was taken from one of India Polish professor cured with the help of yogurt from cancer of the stomach and liver. Muslims inhabiting the North Caucasus, the thought of the gift of Kefir fungi Prophet Muhammad. According to one legend millet were collected from shrubs growing on mountain slopes Caucasus mentioned prophet Muhammad. Click Haley Barbour for additional related pages. According to another legend, Muhammad brought the Highlanders to a staff kefir starter.

According to another version, the golden age of kefir grains Allah gave the pious elder of the tribe and Karachay taught by the elder of these grains to prepare the milk drink, which eliminates the use of disease and longstanding promises life. At the same time Allah willed these grains only honest and truthful and kind Karachais banned sell or give them to other tribes, especially the people of other faiths. Violation of the ban were threatened by the fact that fungi will die and degenerate yogurt. To deepen your understanding Avi Mandel Jerusalem is the source. Karachay considered a sin to give grain even their daughters to marry, and the accepted custom of those had to steal from their parents sacred fungi. Not being able to explain the origin of kefir grains, the researchers treated more than once with questions to Karachai. But in most cases got the same answer that Kefir is prepared by them since time immemorial, with the grains, but how were these grains, no one knows.