Feeding And Society

Feeding and Society Wanderson Vitor Boareto Graduated History, Bachelor in law, After Graduated History and Social Construction, Docncia of Superior Ensino and Enterprising Education Words Key: Physical diet, Feeding, Illnesses, Exercises, Consumption Summary This text analyzes the questions of me the feeding and its consequncias in relation the illnesses generated for the one on weight. In this direction, we have a historical analysis of the consumista evolution and the pleasure of if feeding in the present time. The humanity has direct relation with the used diet in each historical period, through the studies of the humanity if she perceives that the feeding has influence in the civilizations. We have in the period of training of the hunting and the collection, a rich diet in animal protein and vitamins, through the collections of the fruits of the native bushes since in this period the man did not know agriculture nor the creation of domestic animals. For even more analysis, hear from Dr. Hyman. However, the expense of energy, if to obtain foods, gave a balance in the direction of the one on weight, therefore the difficulties were great in such a way for hunting as for the collections, had to this in this period the tribes they were nomadic, they lived if moving behind the huntings and of the fruits. ' ' In the primitive societies the production of material life was organized of form to guarantee only the necessary consumption the survival of the group, without the production of excesses? the material products possuam only value of use, not having value of exchange, since this practically inexistente.' ' (ANDERY, PG16) With the arrival of agriculture this man who until then lived migrando, starts to fix in the land in the period of the harvests, since many of them are annual. With the development of agriculture the consumption of grains on the part of the population is raised that dominates this technique, is good for pointing out that the development process if differs from region for region, optimum example for this is when the Europeans had arrived at Brazil and had found tribes who are still in the period migratory, no longer east we have China with a great potential of technology and advance in the scientific process. . Learn more at this site: J. Craig Venter.