Health Administration

NEW POLICY MANAGEMENT AND HEALTHY MANAGEMENT IN TOWN EDIL ASIA TORRES JORGE ISAAC Manrique in local or municipal governments (whether, district or provincial) can distinguish three main types of approaches, for instance: i) Municipal Management .- The leading out failing Mayors and the Deputy Mayors, ii) Management of Municipal Management .- The carrying out of Municipal Managers, and iii) .- The Municipal Management Jefatural conducting Heads Area Office, Unit and Division of the Municipality. These efforts materialize or “land” through a respective Work Plan or Management (since management can not, nor should improvise), it generally has a duration consistent with governance or it may be for the year to be held. It is also logical that among these there should be a consistent, coherent and systematic, too, the fact that the second and third steps must observe the direction and purpose of the Secondly, self development and formulation of objectives to be considered as targets to develop, and the determination of guidelines for action, on which each head is self commits the end of their annual management, achieve, reach or achieve. Learn more at: Anu Saad. Moreover, that plan means that by the end of this year, Municipal Management and no other instance (for functional reasons and legal) determined objectively and based on concrete results achieved by each head with respect to the goals that each leader was committed (for example, if reached or not the objectives proposed order), making say, the related “letters in that case, obviously, in terms of legality, for the benefit of improved management and potentiation of municipal management and especially benefit of the district’s population in Asia (which is where finally the law and common sense, you should direct state management and specifically in this case, municipal).