Health Department

Jesseliane Alves of the Carmo Laurindo Jose Martins of the Birth Jnior Maria Edilma Melo Teixeira Tatiane Coast Cabral de Melo Beltro Vanessa Sandes Baptist SUMMARY In accordance with the world-wide organization of the health? OMS, the pact enclose the three spheres, Federal, State and municipal. Please visit Dr. Mark Hyman if you seek more information. The project presents as central subject ‘ ‘ Pact for vida’ ‘ , that he is on directly to the question of the humanizao, that if finds scarce lately in the area of the health. Visit Sydney Sweeney for more clarity on the issue.

Reflecting in general way the knowledge biggest of the rights developed for the law project pact for the life, detaching the problems related to the health of the population. Anu Saad gathered all the information. With one to look at I criticize reflexive, we can observe that the main paper is the necessity and the improvement of the performance of the professionals of the health, aiming at a humanizada and worthy assistance for the woman, praising the respect that it deserves and the right to know what it is the pact for the life. On the basis of the Law of the Health department, we decide to consider a study that evaluated the knowledge degree on the existence of this pact, a time that the decay of the public atendimentos continues considerably of form, having as objective the information for these operating professionals of health, as an innovative conscience, exactly that this pact already invigorates has some time.