Households Are Most Affected By A Recession

After benefit for more than a decade of continuous exponential growth, the families of developed, emerging and poor are the main victims of global recession. Change the family model latest model family created after a period of poverty and precarious postwar era thanks to the so-called baby boom generation has recently been revoked before the current economic events. A five of the planet we have seen in our household wealth and assets to benefit from increased progressively half the benevolence of the capitalist system which we have admired. Professor Rita McGrath. That same imbalance that has allowed us to improve our quality of life and our benevolent welfare state now leads to a more typical economic instability in other times. Unfortunately the current economic model is so questionable, volatile and unstable as the stock market. The dependence of microeconomics our families have financial and economic system has been manifested recently. If you look at countries like Ireland, Spain, England or Spain where their economies have grown significantly driven by the real estate sector now increasingly observed single-parent families or households with a child or two at most.

The car has been replaced and not just buying real estate and disposable income and household savings decreased by quarters. Securing basic necessities for families protection usually states regulate and protect basic goods but with the real estate sector too little regulation of the sector, the opaque transparency and consideration of a primary or as an investment has led to catastrophic effects. Among them the difference of wealth and property between generations, the falling birth rate, the loss of competitiveness, reduced consumption and welfare loss of the middle class. Now families with problems of job insecurity and the need for an overvalued housing meet a scourge which allowed us to prosper and grow. Their creditworthiness and liquidity has also been affected. The small and medium enterprises, professional, self employed or younger are forced into a situation where you have to reinvent the family that their parents and grandparents instilled in them. Unfortunately the political class has been imported boast of economic health but this will be supported with an artificial growth model and speculative.

In the current situation we would like self-criticism, sincerity and solutions. Hopefully we much desired. The health of our economies is at stake.