Huthwaite Institute

Sales advisory consultative selling – 2.0 consultative selling, consultative selling or even solution sales over the past 20 years the consultative selling has grown tremendously and enjoys a growing popularity. In the 1980s, the problem was recognized by many organizations that when selling features and benefits (contents sale) an individual value and its own advantage was missing many customers. Something, what is the customer personally important. In the consultative selling is the biggest focus on the deep understanding of the deeper needs, wishes and buying motives of the customers. It ensures that the product or service the needs and motives of the customer fit. Because the customers give individual value different things, this approach requires not only a greater variety of products, but also great flexibility for the seller.

How did this approach? In the United States in the late 1980s for rank has Huthwaite Institute with the behavioral researcher Neil Rackham Xerox recorded over 35,000 sales calls and empirically evaluated. It turned out that the top seller for applying other sales strategies, as is taught in most schools sell in this country: the customer explains itself the product / services (the customer convinces himself!”). Since customers usually against defend themselves, what seller convincingly want to explain them here, if another way is to be followed: first and foremost, ask other questions. So, it has been demonstrated that sellers who use the approach of consultative selling, get up to 10 times fewer objections. What are the consultative selling approach the objectives of? Together with your customers, you have substantiated his need for real, not suspected. As a seller you are perceived by your customers as a competent. Make visible the value of your offer for the customer with an individual value propositions.

Your offer price is thus irrelevant. With the approach of the consultative selling you direct your customers to self-knowledge, as seller which Solution that is right for him.