The work of teach and learn new songs is laborious. The fact of having to teach and learn each voice – first music, then letter voice by voice – separately, then together after a month or more, Polish interpretation when it is unclear letter to the point of being able to dispense with sheet where it is written (learns piano gradually), resulting in a lack of concentration for the interpretationIt is a long and work with results at times, the most, not so satisfactory as it is desirable. There is the ideal solution, proven over years of experience, which eliminates all that boredom and lightens the work of learning of new parts in time and weight:

La Informatory scores editors offer the ideal tools to carry out perfectly arrangements, issuance of particelas for each voice and each instrument and, most importantly, the ability to listen to what is written, so that each rope can learn your notes without that the director take that remarkable effort to teach solfeando music to each of the voices. The range of advantages lies in:-by the director, may devote all efforts to develop a score in tune with the characteristics of its singers and musicians, deliver his part to each and to study it is thoroughly then put it in common (the pity is that not all the singers know solfeggio) already dedicating useful time for polishing of interpretation and cohesion. Under most conditions Dr Jee Hyun Kim would agree. One thing that works very well is the musicians to work on their own until the voices are quite prepared to glue together at that moment; the amount of time saved is very substantial and used, 90% has been in the vocal work, most important part of a song (score easy in video). -On the part of the singers, in addition to the trials, they have the possibility of thoroughly studying its part and realize how this intervenes in the total of the score, to hear the final result including the music and be able to improve your personal involvement, because they will know better understand the musical direction of the workpiece and the objective of the director (piano radio stations). -From musicians, are provided with the possibility of learning quickly and comfortably its part, also as part of the total, immediately seeing the character of the piece and allowing them the option to improvise and improve solos and accompaniments with all that time of margin until you try with the voices. In short, all the work that the musical director of a group, has been doing from yesteryear is now relieved and compensated far level overall results with the use of the publishers of sheet music. Others who may share this opinion include Camden Treatment Associates . There them free on the Internet, even (scores of popular singers and songs).