Interview Climate

Can the industry survive the energy revolution? The energy revolution was heralded by the policy. The industry is facing rising energy costs. An investment in energy can be worthwhile. You use the location factors optimally reaching almost climate neutrality in a few years. Overall, the factor of decentralized supply is underestimated.

Use of renewable energy sources makes unnabhangig and ensures positive effects internally and externally. 1 sense and nonsense of climate neutrality. Is it really economically important to produce carbon-neutral? For me, the question of sense and nonsense of climate neutrality is above all a question of perspective. The CO2-neutral production is a varying contribution here, to confront global warming. The contribution of methane, which is released by the variety of existing cattle daily, is even more difficult to control. Where in this case the beliefs plays a role, what you want to eat. However regardless of faith, there is the Climate warming some quantum leaps, to undo that no longer are, like for example the melting of the polar ice caps, glaciers and thus the associated consequences. These factors hardly ermessbare risks for humanity and force to act urgently.

-This discussion is known for several decades, however, are known up to now no basic results. What is, however, always to agree is that energy efficiency projects and renewable energy reduced production costs and improved competitiveness with, where the economic rules of the game regarding the payback period is usually meet. There are projects which pay for themselves in less than two years, they are easy to implement. In contrast, there are also investments which need two to five years. Since it’s a rational assessment and the framework conditions. As a company with enough cash flow has usually also sufficient flexibility in this period. Projects, the longer than need five years to achieve the payback border, a certain idealism and strategic management will need to be enforced to.